Need advice for my daughter

My daughter has cluster migraines, and has to go to hospital A&E with her care plan for  injections, this not only takes up a bed but can take hours because it is so busy does any one know where I could be trained to do this for her at home as it would save us taking up a bed and the stress if all the lights and noise which aggravate her migraines

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  • Hi...what type of injections? Botox/ OCN blocks ?

  • Diclofenic and Metoclopramide and morphine

  • I think you really need to address this question to your GP/daughter's GP as the limiting factor is likely to be getting hold of the medication - which will be prescription only - ie getting GP to prescribe it for you.

    It may be that referral to a specialist might be the way to go.

    There are warnings on not injecting into a vein so I would be really wary of trying to do at home - it is quite easy to catch a vein with both subq and intramuscular.

    its also possible that another reason for doing in hospital is that most of the medications administered for migraine attacks in this way need to be monitored for a while after treatment.

  • She has the prescription at home and we have to take it with us

  • I'd still recommend talking things through with your GP

  • I have chronic cluster headache but not sure if you're saying your daughter has this condition.  My pain relief is high flow oxygen and sumatriptan injections which come prefilled and I do them myself.

  • She has tried high flow oxygen and it did not work she is awaiting a review for referral to have the implant but they keep cancelling her appointment, she does have severe cluster migraines

  • What a terrible ordeal she has to go through each time. A and E Is always a nightmare. Do you know what the injections are? If it is sumatriptan than they are easily done yourself as they are pre filled. ? 

  • She can't have that injection as she had a reaction to it. She has to have diclofenic and metoclopramide

  • Ok yes - diclofenac for pain and the other for sickness . Has she ever tried these as a suppository? Worth asking the neurologist. I guess oral medication doesn't work for her. I feel for her . 

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