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I am curious if you are taking B2 how much you take daily and if your doctor told you to take it how much.

I most stores in my area it is sold as 100mg and I was told by a Neurology to take 400mg daily. To do this I have to take 4 pills or order online..

Your experiences? Can you describe if when you started taking it did you get less intense migraines then less of them?


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Do you mean B-12?

I only take a Multivitamin/Multimineral supplement it has 6 mcg of B-12.

It says it has 100% DV of all 8 B vitamins in it.

Thou I am thinking of getting more B-12 tho add because I am so tired all the time. I was anemic ans my thyroid was still too high. I was bad and stopped taking my thyroid medicine for about 10 years or so. Then and now it still doesn't seem to make any difference to me. I was taking iron also but now this Multivitamin/Multimineral has it all. My doctor didnt tell me to take it I asked what I could do for me being anemic. She prescribed iron 325MG which I took for about a month or so. It was too much I think because it was messing with my stomach. I tried 1/2 a tablet then 1/4 which equals still more tha n the DV. Iron 18mg and it says that is 100%

Hi there, yeah i have been taking the following for 2yrs now. All at the same time in the morning.

4 x 100mg B2 - what your body doesn't need you P out ( nice yellow colour ).

4 sprays of B12 boost by better you.

1 spray vit D- Lux by better you.

I x zinc & Copper.

At bedtime i take 3x100mg magnesium citrate.

Yes about half my migraines are less severe and dizzyness isn't so bad.

I used to take loads more, like Q10 and calcium etc but there was no evidence they helped and when i removed them i seen no difference.

It's all trial and error .

Good luck !

Yes I don't like the yellow pee...

I will order online 250mg then take 1am then 1pm, much better.

Thanks so much!!

I take 400 mg daily half dose morning after food and the other half after evening meal, as directed by my neurologist. (Since Feb this year). My headaches are much improved but there is no way of knowing if it is because of the B2. I also take Candestartan as a preventative.


If you want to try B2 for migraine prophylaxis, the dose has to be 400mg per day (can be taken all at once). There is no evidence that if it is taken twice or 3 times a day (in multiple doses) then it can act better. There is a manufacturer called Bio-Tech who sells it (400mg capsule) in Amazon. There may be other manufacturers too but that's the one I have tried.

This is all very interesting, I keep asking my neurologist about supplements but she says that the evidence for magnesium is unclear and out of date so they wouldn't recommend it. My friend says B12 is very difficult for your body to absorb, same with Iron so you have to flood your body with them just to get any hope of getting enough. I have fibromyalgia and I know a lot of people who take Q10 but it is very expensive and as far as I know they all still have fibro!

Has anyone ever tested their levels of these things to start with to see if they are deficient in the first place?

Onthemove1971 in reply to Cat00

I have personal evidence that magnesium works for me, but it takes about 3 months to make migraines to lessen then get less per week. I have seen many studies that shown many people who have migraine lack magnesium. I take 250 mg am and 250mg pm. But I just started taking B2.

Good luck

Cat00 in reply to Onthemove1971

I've been doing some reading on this subject. It seems that from double blind trials there are mixed responses but interestingly people with migraine with aura responded well to Magnesium but those without saw no reduction in pain. I don't have aura so maybe that's why my neurologist isn't suggesting I try it. Although I couldn't find any data more recent than 2003, just reviews of older studies. Most of the data I could find related to very small groups of people who attended A&E with migraine (20s to 50s) and how they responded to Magnesium infusions. It did say it was incredibly difficult to measure how deficient someone was bc Magnesium serum levels being different throughout the body but that bit was totally beyond me!

Hi, I take 4 tablets which is 100mg x 4. I've not found anywhere where you can purchase 400mg and can't get it on prescription either. It has improved my migraines a lot.

Look on amazon.. I cant take that many pills..

You can find B2 400 mg at either on eBay or Amazon. That is the only two places I can find B2 400 mg I can't find it in stores, like you, I can only find 100 mg in stores. I usually get my B2 at eBay because you can find free shipping there and save a few bucks but not on Amazon you have to pay for shipping all the time.

I take magnesium 250 mg twice a day. I also take a bath in Epsom salts (1cup) almost nightly ( magnesium). It has helped quite a bit. I no longer take b2 but have had great success with sublingual b12. I take stomach acid reducers regularly and that interferes with b12 absorption. I use 2,000 mg sublingual. Yes that’s high but you don’t get much and when I go lower it doesn’t work. There is no upper level limit. I am in physical therapy to improve my neck strength and flexibility and by week 5 I am 90% better. Oh and buy a my pillow. Awesome product!!

Hello, I have been taking Vitamin B2 as recommended by the pharmasist attached to my surgery. I take 400 mg. a day (4 tablets) and I have noticed a definite decrease in headaches and migraines so do give it a go. Astra

I've also had success with 400mg B2 per day. I take 4 100mg tablets from Holland and Barrett. After battling with debilitating migraines for over a year, they're now manageable again and I'm getting my energy back. I found that a lower dose isn't sufficient.

I saw an improvement within a few days. My migraines were lasting for days and keeping me in bed. Now they are less frequent, last a few hours and the intense part of them is short. It's meant I can be active, exercise and go for walks which in turn help.

I'm also now taking a general B vitamin complex. I'd been on amitriptyline and then beta blockers but found that I suffered badly with fatigue and depression (as if the migraines weren't enough to deal with!). It's worth looking into which nutrients are depleted when you take prescription drugs and make sure you take supplements to top them up.

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