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Hi all I am new here. Just found the group today. I have been dealing with chronic migraines since childhood. Then in 2007 I had an accidental spinal tap during labor and delivery of my child. Since then they have gotten much worse. I have a migraine for days on end and nothing helps. I have tried every med my doctors can think and barely get any relief if any. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance

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Botox is the only thing that has had a positive impact on my migraines. Haven't been able to have it for about a year and I half bc of pregnancy and breastfeeding so they particularly bad at the moment but will be getting it in 3 months and looking forward to It!

Thank you for your reply. I will definitively look into it

I've just reread my really badly written message (sorry about that). Yes I think I've tried over 13 different drugs and have had GON injections and anaesthetic injections, TENs machine, Cefaly device nothing worked. I normally have migraines between 15 and 20 days a month Botox halved it. You have to try at least 2 sessions to know if it will work, it made me worse the first time but I'm really glad I kept going.

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