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I’ve had migraines for 8 years – a couple or more a week. I’ve been prescribed all the triptans, a beta-blocker, topiramate, amitriptyline and gabapentin. The latter two helped for a while but eventually wore off. I saw a neurologist who prescribed indomethacin, which didn’t work. I tried eliminating all sorts of foods, getting regular exercise and sleep. Nothing seemed to make a difference for long.

Then I trapped a nerve in my shoulder that cause a tremor in my hand, so I saw a physiotherapist. She took one look at my joints and told me they were hyperflexible. I knew I had poor ligaments in my ankles and have worn inserts in my shoes since I was 7. Turns out the supporting structures in my neck are not good, the vertebrae move and the nerve that runs into the trigeminal nerve gets pinched causing the pain.

My physio now works on my neck and shoulders once every 5 weeks and I do exercises to strengthen my neck. The episodes have decreased incredibly, I get maybe one between visits. I had no idea hyperflexibility could cause migraines and wanted to share in case it helps anyone else.

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That sounds very like my symptoms and possibly causes. I’ve started doing neck and shoulder exercises almost daily. I’m also using the Gammacore and have found s massive improvement with frequency and intensity x

It was probably just me but I didn’t like it at all and it was the Third attempt at treating essential Tremor for me side effects definitely outweigh any benefits before that I tried Propranolol crap primidone ditto and gabapentin dittojust wish I could get prescribed decent cannabis might have to grow my own at this rate

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