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Found a bit of relief from glaucoma drops!?!

So I've had chronic daily migraine for the past 3 years. They're always on the left side of my face from my eyeball all the way down to the base of my neck. Current treatment: botox, tizanidine, midrin, norco, cambia, tea tree oil, cold gel packs, promethazine. I switch up my rescue meds when I take them. can't take triptans because of my antidepressant . I just had a glaucoma screening a few weeks ago because my mother has glaucoma and I have "suspicious corneas." No kidding that's the actual medical terminology lol. So I describe to the doctor the extreme pressure and pain that feels like something is trying to push my eyeball out of its socket. I've been blind in this eye since birth. Had 2 mris recently and were normal. So she gives me these Alphagan P drops to see if they help relieve the pressure-which is constant and when the migraines hit omg the pain is an instant 10 and my eye throbs. When I got home was beginning stage migraine and pain was around a 7. I popped 3 midrin and 2 tizanidine and did my tea tree oil in the usual places and put the 1 drop in my left eye. Within a few seconds my eye was almost completely pain free and the pressure and throbbing subsided almost completely! I still had the rest of my head to deal with but having that much relief made it so much easier to deal with. I've been getting botox treatments for a year and a half and really don't think they help at all anymore. I can't wait to tell my neurologist about this next week. Even though my eye pressures were normal these drops 3 times daily keep that portion of the migraine completely under control.

I'm just totally amazed and wanted to share in case anyone else had the eye throbbing issue.

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I’ve just read your post, & your right about the eye drops. I got referred to an eye specialist a couple of years ago for pain in my left eye. It turned out to be nothing, just where the migraine pain is. But the dr told me when you get a migraine the eye sockets dry up & to put “real tears” drops in. Wow it does work, less pain & my vision is far better. I told friends who are other sufferers & they tried it. I’m surprised that GP’s don’t mention it. They just give you drugs in the hopes we will go away! Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that work.

Let’s hope others read this & try it. x


Yes I agree GPs are somewhat dismissive and quick to throw pills at you. The alphagan p is a prescription glaucoma drop that also treats ocular hypertension and I'm thinking that might be the problem with my left eye since my pressures came back borderline normal. I go back in a few weeks for a follow up with the eye dr and will confirm though. I also see my neurologist next week for my botox followup and will see what he says. We're waiting for Lily's new miracle migraine drug to come out and will try that instead of botox. But that most likely won't be until next year. He's attending the headache summit in Arizona next month and will know more about it then. I can definitely feel if I've gone too long between drops. The throbbing pressure slowly builds until I put a drop in. I use lubricating drops in my right eye because that one is dry while my left eye waters. Crazy.


Hi lumminol thank you for sharing this, can you buy this without prescription?

Would you mind to put a link where to purchase this “real tears” drops from?

Does it have 'Polyvinyl' or 'Povidone' or both?

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