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My daughter never used to get headaches but she got hit on the head with a ceiling panel at school and it seems to have triggered these headaches. She said it feels like something is sitting on her head. I have been to the doctors so many times its unreal they say it might be tension headaches, stress, but they don't know. They finally did a head scan and said it could be related to a sinus being quite think and blocking and they gave nasal spray and tablets but still she gets them what next.

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So have they completely rulled out it is related to the fact she was hit with a ceiling panel? I had a fall and hit my head many years ago and ever since then I get a headache on that exact spot (often a day or two after I have had a migraine).

How did she get hit? Did it fall off on her head? How old is she?

Would you not consider legal action so that her care is properly funded? Usual NHS route would not give much importance, they are hopeless most of the times.

Regarding headache cause - it is very difficult sometimes to determine what damage is caused by that incident - it could be that her neck got injured, or even something in ear.

How often is she getting headaches? Is it all the time?

I know someone who hit a lamp-post by accident (it was dark) and scan did not reveal anything but she continued to get headaches, doctors told her to take rest and not work for a few months - I heard her condition is improving but it is a time consuming process. Also, her situation can be different than your daughter's. A proper medical care should be arranged and funded by school or local authorities if it is their fault. Simply saying - go to your GP cannot be the final answer in my opinion.

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I did an official complaint and had a meeting with the school and they do not feel they are liable so I went to a solicitor and started proceedings and that is still on going. I've been to the doctors on so many occasions and they don't feel as though it's not related to the panel hitting here on the head even though the pain is in the same place where so was hit

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See an AO Chiropractor (Atlas Orthogonal) best thing I ever did for my migraines specialist in upper servical

Ok, I'm glad you started legal proceedings, wish you good luck. Can I ask you how old is your daughter? Young children don't have head and neck muscle control as good as old children, so just wanted to know.

School management will of course not "feel" liable, but actually they are. If they admit then they know for sure they will have to pay compensation (guaranteed).

I am certain your solicitor may look into occupier's liability compensation claim - school authority or building owner definitely has a duty of care, they cannot escape this regardless of whether it was with intent or not.

I’ve read a lot about migraine occurring because of a TBI. This is quite common. They can’t see the damage on an mri but it doesn’t mean the brain hasn’t been affected. Read up on TBI and migraine. It doesn’t have to be a huge impact to cause damage. It’s like a concussion. Migraine onset is very common. I can’t see how the drs don’t think they are related.

Definitely fight legal proceedings

Keep us updated. Wish you well. Keep us informed.

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