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When the loo paper smells like cucumber!

So, after an 8 day break in migraine attacks, courtesy of the Greater Occipital Nerve (GON), block injection, suddenly the loo paper smelt like cucumber!

I knew immediately I was in trouble (LOL).

There followed a 5 day vile, vile migraine. It was so bad, the muscles on my eyelids hurt!

Then I had a 7 day break until yesterday, I woke up to an attack, I thought it was gone, but having gone to bed at 01:00, at 03:15, bang it's back. Haven't slept a wink. But still, this is only the 11th migraine day for August, a massive improvement on the 21 days in June. So the GON has been effective. I am still taking Magnesium supplement and have identified a warning sign. The hypersensitivity is still a problem, but am hopeful moving forward.

Will post a further update, late October, after next GON injection. But I may have another migraine poem to post, shortly.

Hope everyone's as good as can be expected. Take care,


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Ooh that sounds horrible. I hope you have a better result with your next GON (I had one done but it didn't help. Botox & preventive meds have sorted me out).

I'm replying because your comment about the loo paper smelling of cucumber struck a chord. I smell some awful things when I'm in aura mode sometimes- fish, burnt cheese, plastic, sweaty feet. People don't believe me!


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