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Visual disturbances

Greetings everyone.

I'm new.

Having ocular migraines post knee replacement surgery.

Very disturbing visual images.

Anyone shed any light please?


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Hi Mike,

It's not uncommon to get visual disturbances with a migraine attack.

For those of us who unfortunately suffer these attacks, the disturbances have similarities and variances.

I personally experience seeing: green stripes, purple circle, and

pinhole flashing lights. However, I also experience phantom sights, sounds & smells. Again not uncommon.

I shall presume that you have been diagnosed for the migraine, have you been prescribed medication for your migraines?t

For the many migraine sufferers on here, there are host of different treatments. It's a matter of finding what works for you. I take Almotriptan when an attack begins, but as yet haven't found a really good preventative option. Still searching!

I hope this is helpful to you & possibly a little reassuring.

Take care, Catmag.


Thanks for replying.

I've had migraine with aura for many years, so I'm familiar with what to expect. It's following surgery that I'm perplexed by the odd visual disturbances. They are similar, but different. Bright green tinges. Orange tinges, patches of black/brown loss of vision. All sorts of things.


Might seem like a silly question, have you had an eye test recently?

I ask because in December I suffered a posterior vitreous detachment. This caused similar to what you describe. The problem was the gel in my right eye detached and caused lots more visual problems.

Hope you get it sorted.


I've had migraines with aura off and on for about 30 years or so. My first one scared me but I have learned to work through them. I see all kinds of jagged lightening, circles, small circles with white lines through them and various others. I equate them to looking through a kaliedescope only mine are not in color, mostly silver ., or white on black.... Every one that I have EVER had has lasted for EXACTLY 20 minutes....sometime go for months without one and then could have as many as two or three in one day! No known triggers that I can figure out.....My opthamologist says it's not known what causes them.....


I have some frightening and disturbing vision problems with my migraines. People change into strange shapes, the world seems to go all 'soft' and wobbly. Floors ripple like waves coming towards me and I have completely lost vision on several occasions for about 20mins. The neurologist said that migraines can cause what amounts to temporal lobe fits, it also affects my other senses.


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