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Fed up with headaches


Hi I've just joined, because I've woken up again with yet another migraine! I've been put on Sodium Valproate 200mg and told to come off Propranolol, which I've managed, but now have to wean myself off amitriptyline 50mg! Which scares me as I've taken it for about 20 yrs. I'm getting cluster headaches all the time and migraines two or three times a week

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Sounds like you're having a tough time. Hang on in there!

Which of the preventative treatments were you on specifically for cluster headache? And why are you switching to sodium valproate?

Hi Annie. Have you been diagnosed with CH as that is what I thought I was getting until I saw a headache specialist who diagnosed me with Hemicrania Continua. I am now on the 3 month Gammacore trial and it has benefited me enormously. Ask you doc to refer you to a headache specialist. Good luck

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