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Background migraine


I have been having a bad background migraine for few years now. I also have migraine attacks occasionally which can last from a few days to a few weeks. I have had scans and been to see neurologists. A couple of months ago, I came to the national migraine centre. Apart from some medication for migraine attacks, the doctor also recommended me to have something to eat every few hours to keep the level of blood sugar, especially having some healthy fatty food to eat right before going to bed. I listened, but within a few weeks, I have put on 5kg and it didn't have obvious difference. I always have weight issues and it caused me some confidence issue. With this rapid weight gain, I get more stressed and therefore get more headaches. I wake up with a bad headache every day and try to live with it, but sometimes, I feel so dizzy that I feel that I am not able to do anything. I started cutting out the amitriptyline which I have been taking for a while, as it seems to have a counter effect when it comes to loosing weight. I was wondering whether anyone has similar situation before and how did/do you deal with it?

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Could the headaches have any correlation to medication you have been taking prior to the one which neuro gave you?

I react with headaches plus other varying symptoms to many different tablets that i have tried in the last few years, my gp has now ask me to go for a milk allergy test to make sure it isnt the lactose in many tablets which is the problem.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am thinking about stopping having honey which I have daily and next one on my list is diary.

Good luck with your test:-)




Hi, I also get background migraines which can last for months on end. I go to bed with them & wake up with them. They usually go on & off during the day and I always feel the pressure inside my head and sometimes around my head, even if I don't have any pain. I have kept extensive migraine diaries for a few years now and I have had all the tests done and all results are normal. Done the acupuncture thing, the physio thing, the change of diet thing, bought a $300 Cefly (which does nothing), I'm sure you get the picture - I've tried it all, Topamax included, all to no avail. My neurologist is in agreement with me, in that I have a number of triggers - some I can avoid, like food allergies & alcohol, but others I can't, like stress, hormones & the weather. I have done some research on weather related migraines & it looks like a lot of people suffer from this. I live in a sub-tropical region of Australia, so our summers are hot & humid (perfect for revolting migraines) and our summers are seriously about 6 months long. How I deal with it?? Good question. Sometimes I can't - it's as simple as that. But, I try to keep myself busy (I think they call it Distraction Therapy) so that my mind is mainly on something else, although I'm aware of the pain or pressure, it isn't like a full awareness of it. Does that make sense? In keeping a very detailed diary, I have been able to pinpoint that those times when I'm not hormonal, but getting awful migraines, is usually because it's been thunderstorm season and the weather patterns are getting messy. I keep a watch on the weather so at least I can sort of be prepared. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything which I have come across which has worked for me, including preventative medications. I'm not suggesting that the weather IS the cause for yours, just saying that it may be something to look into further, if you haven't already. I take time out for myself, usually once a week, sometimes more if I feel I need to, where I do whatever I like - no housework - just doing things which bring me pleasure & happiness. I have found that this can help me to deal with it emotionally & psychologically. If you can, ask for help and hopefully those around you can learn about how debilitating they can be if they don't already know. When I first started out with my fiancé, he was shocked to see how a 'simple headache' can affect someone. After 10 years, he has learnt how to help me and can tell when I have one coming on - even if I am not feeling any pain yet (I usually get very tired and/or get short tempered). I hope this can help you in some way. Every bit of information can be of some use somewhere. Best wishes.


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