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Ongoing blurred vision

Hi, I had a particularly bad migraine about 4 months ago (I previously used to get 1-2 migraines per year). Although I have not had a migraine since I have been left with blurred vision in the bottom half of my left eye, wearing glasses eases it but it's still there.

I have been to my local GP, opticians and eye specialist at the hospital who have all said my eyes are not damaged (indeed they are quite healthy apparently). This does not however answer why I still have blurred visions.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help :)

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Firstly, it's good that your eyes have been checked to rule out anything really serious. But as you still have a problem there must be something they can't see going on. I found the following link (below) which is all about ocular migraine - possibly your migraine is continuing in this form?

What I found as my migraine became chronic was that my vision became more blurry and I got lots of floaters. The optician didn't know anything about migraine and said it was age related but I'm not convinced.

It may well gradually get better on its own. Do a bit more research yourself in order to rule things out.


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Thanks Frodo, I'll look into it more


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