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migraine's changed to chronic and more severe

I've had migraine every month or so,pain but I don''t get sick, but this time it's been running since 31/1, pain's more severe, get 2,3 days releif but it's been constant since 27/2. At least I've found that it going on like this is 'normal', but I can't take the pain much longer. I use zolmitriptan, 2 in the morn, 2hrs apart,which eases it but I still have to use dark rooms, low noise. GP gave me blood pressure pills last week but I was fainting and pain just went down to a liveable level. Is there anything more I could do, why has it changed like this, is it safe to use these triptans for such a long time, is it safe to take 3 on a very bad day, would anti inflammatory pills help ( neurofen doesn't work on normal headaches)

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Hi there, i use sumatriptan 100mg or sumatriptan injections for off the scale migraines. No more than 2 a week as advised by neuro because it can cause rebound headaches which are aweful.

I use ice in temples and nape of my neck before i take tablets. No pain relief helps me.

I have hemacrania continua which is daily headache which builds to daily migraine, aura migraines which are excruciating for 7-8 days every month and jaw migraines.

I take 300 magnesium citrate 30mins b4 bed it helps me relax, natural muscle relaxant. There are a list of supplements that people find useful but diff treatments for different people.

Could something else be a trigger? Is your jaw ok? Do you click when eating? Do you wake with pain behind your eyes or back of head?

Is your uppercervical ok just where your neck joins your skull?

I honestly believe theres a trigger somewhere, I've suffered 40yrs but the last 4yrs their out of control. I don't like the labels they give us I'd rather find the source!

Try 400 ibuprofen and 2x500 paracetamol along with your sumatriptan as soon as you feel it come. Helped me for yrs.

Good luck, hand in there 👍


Callyo1 has given loads of advice.

I too went from manageable migraines until last feb when they went out of control.

Ideas to help:

Keep a Pain and Food diary

Get a TENs machine, it helps some of my migraines from escalating. Put one electrode on your temple and the other on the bottom of your neck.

I was advised not to take para and brufen (although that's what I used to use before last year) and try 900mg asprin (assuming you haven't got any contraindications) with som food.

I bought some really good glasses called 'Migralens' and lived in them for months. they cut out most of the glare.

If they continue for 3 months at this level you can be referred to Pain Clinic for treatment (you will definatley need to keep the pain diary as evidence).

Hope that helps.

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