Went to a chiropractor last Tuesday and was told he thinks he can make my headaches much better with 4 sessions, that my neck is very stiff and shoulders not much better. After half an hour of what I can only describe as torture I came out feeling far mor loose and the neck pain nowhere near as bad. Not much improvement in the headache department but still early days and hoping. Will keep you updated. Anyone had any success with this treatment?

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  • Good luck 👍 gotta try it x

  • Hope this works for you. I tried a similar thing called Watson Headache technique with a Physio who said it would get rid of my terrible migraines in 4 to 5 sessions. A year later and £600 poorer they were no different and they had to accept defeat. Hope this is better for you. Xx

  • I went to a chiropractor for about 12 sessions last year and though it loosened my neck muscles to some degree had no beneficial effect on my migraines

  • I've tried chiropractic with three different practioners. No success, I'm afraid.

  • Hi, hope it works for you but as with the others here, I had no luck either. I had sessions with a cranial osteopath for a year, weekly most times and then fortnightly to month. £40 a session. When I left I felt how lovely my neck felt. Completely loose and no creaky noises. However it made no difference to my migraines. Was gutted as I really wanted a holistic approach to work rather than all the tablets I shovel down my throat every night, which still do not work!

  • I get the impression that most chiropractors don't understand what REAL migraine is. Rather than a problem with our bones, isn't it a problem with the blood vessels in our head? They expand putting pressure on the nerves. Am I right? Of course, if your headache ISN'T a real migraine, then the chiropractor might be able to help.

    My GP tells me that because my headaches respond so well to sumatriptan, they are definitely migaines, and sumatriptan works on seratonin levels, I think, which affects the behaviour of the blood vessels.

    Just a few thiughts......

  • Triptans worked for me but my diagnosis is Hemicrania Continua so needed to take far too many than was allowed. My neck and shoulders are also very painful during the headache and the neurologist said it is connected. The muscles in my neck are rock hard and I have little mobility in it. I think that is the chiropractors aim is to loosen the neck's hoping..

  • Yes you leave the chiropractor with your neck feeling looser and a slight feeling of euphoria due to the release of endorphins. Unfortunately it doesn't last and repeated visits are necessary. I have spent hundreds at chiropractors over the years. I've given up now as I realise that the problem isn't mechanical. It's an electrolyte imbalance.

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