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Do I need to see the Doctor? (MIGRAINE TYPE HEADACHES)


This past year I have started suffering from headaches that are slowly getting worse. i.e.: getting more symptoms:

1] 99% of the time it escalates around the left side front of the head (left eye) and can be quite sudden.

2] It can last for hours to a couple of days at least once/twice a week but the over the counter painkillers only slightly eases it.

3] I have started to feel nauseous and just this Christmas day I vomited which has never happened before. I stayed at my parents house on the sofa, went to sleep with a head ache, my mum woke me the next day which made me jolt (this made the headache come back quite severe)

4] Just yesterday, I had one but as I went to sit up normally, I felt dizzy for a few seconds which was a first.

5] The pain is feels like its a pressure type and can radiate down as far as my top jaw.

6] The main trigger is when I wake up and my body not ready, or I have to force myself to wake up. Lack of sleep.

7] when I rub around the pain area, it eases slightly until I stop.

8] Last week when I had it, It affected my right side to, with my right eye sensitive to light, watering and stinging.

Just wondering, should I made an appointment with my GP?

Anybody know what these headaches are?

Thank you

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Hi, you should make an appt with your gp. It does sound like migraine

Try migralieve duo tablets from the pharmacy while you wait for your GP.

So many things can be causing it, your neck muscles/ jaw / eyes etc. Get checked out.


Is there any history of auto immune disease in your family? Yes you need to get checked but sadly doctors will just pass it off as simple migraine without covering all the bases and options.

I would want full blood work done. Do you have any other health issues? Ibs type symptoms joint pain dry eyes dry mouth? Any rashes or flushing in the face or neck?


Hi Bexster 42!

I can't make MIGRAINES a short story for you when you are when you are in the midst of it, but let me tell you...they are NOT simple, they are NOT something to brush off, and they are NOT something to NOT TREAT!

It's actually a medical disorder and I have it too! All of your symptoms point to MIGRAINE DISORDER. Instead of a GP, you actually need to be seeing a Neurologist. First he/she would see that you have all the symptoms that would qualify you to have this disorder and actually, to me, it looks like you have CHRONIC MIGRAINE DISORDER. So your Neurologist would probably diagnose you with this. And the medications he/she would have to try, as long as you are not allergic, would be ...maybe (this what I take, so just take this with a grain of salt !)

Cymbalta, Topamax, Relpax for breakout headaches, powdered Cambia to put in a tiny bit of water, and last if this is all not enough, Botox injections every 3 months. Yes, I my insurance company pays for all of this because over the course of 3 years my migraines have warranted all this treatment. I have been in the ER for morphine to treat horrendous migraine pain, i have had to take home barbiturates to go to work the next day... Just like you, I have had my life turned around by the pain of sudden Chronic Migraine Disorder which hit me in February of 2015.

I hope my little story has helped you. I can't make you get a neurologist but if you do some research on Google, you might be able to get some papers to convince your GP to refer you to one. You may not want or respond to Botox. You may not want Topamax. It doesn't work for everyone and it ruins your taste buds. Nothing works for all people. But my migraines are at bay. My last injections were in September and I had a flareup in January...Go figure. And the world wonders why there is an opioid crisis!

I pray for you and I hope you have insurance. I live in Chicago, IL in the USA. All I can do is hope I gave you some useful information! Best of luck and cheers to you Bexster 42! I hope I hear from you how you are doing!


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