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Loud boom noises that aren't there at night

Hey. Emily here.

For the past few months (Ever so often) Maybe once a week... I've been hearing loud boom noises that arent there, everytime its different. Somtimes it sounds like a loud car, somtimes it sounds like a horn, and other times it sounds like a bolt of energy, but that noise, is in my head. Also, with the noise comes a bright flashing light, and I mean really bright. This happens when im falling asleep.

This sydrome i have is called "Exploding head syndrom" yes, its real haha, but your head doesnt actually explode.

I was just wondering, does anyone know if this could be harmful in anyway to my health? I've talked to my doctor, but he's just as cluless as i am.

Thanks guys,


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Hello. I have exploding head syndrome too. Apparently it often goes unreported because patients worry they won't be believed. Despite this the conclusion is rapidly being reached that it isn't as rare as medical bods thought it was. Mine sounds more like a loud crack, with a sort of jolt and sometimes a bright flash. It happens mostly to people when falling asleep. Some believe it is a bit like a hypnic jerk - which I also get a lot of. I think there are meant to be several theories though. In my searching for information I've not come across anything to suggest there is anything to worry about. I'm been referred to a neurologist due to cluster headaches - might mention it then and can report back.

Best of luck.

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I have it and have some friends who do as well. I spoke to my GP who offered to send me to a psychiatrist! So I asked a psychiatrist what they do for it, and he said it's harmless, but they just do sedatives.

Apparently a lot of people hear gunshots,

I hear someone knocking on the door, or just a loud bang. Have also heard someone shouting.

My friend hears people breaking in downstairs! She's got to the point where she doesn't bother checking it out anymore..


i experience this, too. In my case, it's like a loud, heavy crack - almost a bang - but there is no flash of light. I thought it might be something to do with my migraines but I've always forgotten to tell my doctor or neurologist. Ho-hum... old age! But I haven't heard it for a long time now. I guess it just gives up and goes away when it discovers that it doesn't bother me.


I also experiance this, it happens a coupple of times a year, loud crackles like electric shocks, some times with lights. I never told anyone because i thought i was dreaming it


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