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Just been discharged from hospital


I'd had a little cold tue-thur last week, slight dulling headache (quite normal)

I've suffered migraines from being a child, health wise I've slightly abnormal liver function, polycystic ovaries and a tumour on my pirtuartry gland (benign).

Anyway I'm just letting you know so you know my medical history.

Long story short (er) on Thursday is been fine, paracetamol cleared my headache, then I was walking from the school gates with my son when I felt pains in my head (pulsating kind), I was alone with him and thought it's a 5 min drive home.. I will get home quick.

But I got to the top of the street and I could not move, I had to stop the car where I was and I was rolling around in pain, tomthe point inwas so frightened I called an ambulance, they gave me ibuprofen, and a migrain pen relief... nothing worked.. I was in such pain... they later gave me paracetamol... it eased to the point I didn't have to hold on to my skull and feel as if I couldn't function.

I was admitted to hospital and had ct scan and lumbar puncture. All test results clear.

I was pretty much give pain relief by ibuprofen and paracetamol alternated between them, I had headache/migrain the whole time between severe and mild. The only thing that really calmed me was morphine thy gave me at one point.

They decided to suddenly discharge me even though nothing had changed and prescribed me sumatriptan to take home, after taking it my neck tightened and I felt unwell, it had no effect on me at all. (Told hospital and they said don't take anymore, wait to see neurologist)

I've now had this since Thursday and had 3 really bad pressure/crushing feelings.

Does this sound like migraines and why has it gone on so long, it's taken me a long time to write this as the pain is there, everything seems like a challenge. I'm on the sofa 95% of the day unable to move.

Hospital have written to Gp to refer me to neurology.. that can take weeks, what advice can you give and does this sound like migraines????

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I am absolutely stunned that you were sent home and now you have to wait. that's just shocking. I don't know where you live but that would never happen in NZ. I feel very sorry for you. that's just not fair.


Not sure. Migraine can be that bad, yes, but an acute attack shouldn't go on more than 72 hours max, although if it turns chronic you can have it every day indefinitely.

Usually migraine doesn't come on so fast and so severely, having said that mine can go from mild to incapacitating very, very quickly, one reason why I don't feel safe going far from home anymore. I don't have any medication that stops it when that happens either. I get some relief from ice (I use those plastic things used in cool bags) and migraleve pink and usually must lie down.

I don't know what you can do as you've already been to hospital. Is it possible, as you can't move or presumably drive, to get a GP to come out to you? There may be some other medication they can offer.

Definitely go back to hospital if it gets any worse.

Unfortunately extreme migraine pain isn't taken very seriously, at least not in UK (is my experience).


I can't believe they sent you home in this state. It's bad enough when you get a really bad migraine but you've suffered for too long now. I was once told by a nurse that it's he who shouts loudest gets treatment. Maybe that's what you should do. It may be that one of your other complaints is. Causing this. I presume they did blood tests to find out?


Poor you. I think if it doesn't stop go back to hospital if you're this bad. If all that works is morphine, then ask for some more?

I hope it's not a stuck migraine.

Thing is, your brain scan was negative and lumbar puncture, so I can see they feel they've ruled out dangerous stuff like tumour or brain bleed, or meningitis..


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