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I've been suffering migraines for 10 years I'm now 33 year old female . I have two kids after having my son , he's now 14 months old I've been having migraines every week. I've never had them that bad before the doctor has given all the prevatatives they can give me as prescribed by a consultant but nothing has helped . What shall I do? Thanks Sam xx

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  • Hi sam have they checked your hormone levels?

    There are a few suppliments that seen to help a lot of people, magnesium, B2 and feverfew.

    Hopefully people will give you their experiences but your son is young and your hormones will probably be out of wack.

    Good luck 😆

  • Hi , I have an underactive thryroid I have know since 4 years ago and take medication daily for it. I take magnesium supplement .

  • That's good you take magnesium 😆. I know it's really difficult when the kids are small, thank god i had good neighbours, i had no family near and used to really struggle getting them to school, look after them when my migraines struck 😣 hope you have support round you.

    Are they referring you for botox or occipital nerve blocks since you've gone through all prevention meds?

  • Hi Sam I too have tried all the preventative meds and pain killers and amitriptyline, I've had my migraines for 37 years and nothing has helped, a couple of months ago someone on this site mentioned a Daith piercing and I thought what the he'll it's worth a try and I've got to say it's worked for me, they haven't completely gone but it's lessened the duration I used to have them for 5 days now they are down to 2 try the magnesium too good luck x

  • I also got a daith piercing, unfortunately it didn't work for me xx

  • How often do you take pain killers or triptans? Xx

  • Who Rachel , I take sumatriptan every time I get a migraine , which is twice a week. I have tried other methods of pain relief but nothing else works .

  • Hmmm I wondered. It might help you to know that I was getting really poorly week by week, pain relief not working, preventatives not working. I got an appointment with national migraine Centre. They took one look at me and said I was in chronic status and that because of this, preventatives wouldn't work. I was told to completely stop any triptans or pain relief for two months because this was the cause of everything not working. Until I did that nothing would work. I did it. And then got on a combo of beta blocker and amatriptyline. I was much better. I then listened to people who said 'cut down on stress' which I thought was a silly thing to say for ages, but actually, making time to have that break from work or half hour sit down makes a big difference to me. I also drink two big bottles of water every day (about 1.7 litres) altogether. Finally, and again, it sounds silly, but I do ten mins mindfulness every other day, and slowly jog or walk a couple of miles every two or three days. I'm so much better. When I have a bad month my consultant offers me the occipital nerve block which also works. I still get ill. But the days in between and totally migraine free. I feel great. Your journey is just beginning but my life was put back on track by the national migraine centre and their advice. Hopefully passing it onto you might help xxx

  • Hi Sam,

    I'm sad to read abt your suffering.

    Very often with the migraines what works for one person doesn't work with the other because each migraine is caused by a different reason.

    If you read the other posts, you'll see the talks abt vitamin b2 for migraines, you'll see as well that I use a different combination b6 plus folic acid, the reason for that is that b6 is known for regulating the hormonal activity, if your migraines are caused by hormonal imbalances, you should give it a try b6 and Co enzyme 10. The b6 should not exceed 50mg per day as more can be toxic.

    Also, there is one drug that I used as preventive in the past sibelium that works really well for migraines. Unfortunately after years of taking it, I had to change my medication.

    I hope this helps.


  • I read your post again, and with small kids your migraines are probably caused by lack of consistency in sleep patterns.... Instead of hormonal imbalances.... That happens, I've been there! Done that :)

  • Has anyone had any luck with Botox injections? I've tried every single preventative for migraines you can take and nothing works xx

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