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numbness anybody?

hi i'm new to this site. I have suffered migraines from the age of nine, after the menopause they seemed to become less often and less severe but in the last year they have been back

and are somewhat different. I now get a feeling of pressure and numbness that stretches from the top of my head down to my ear, this is painful but there is not really any pain- if that makes sense, my scalp is also very sensitive.My only relief is to walk around with a heat wrap on my head! My gp is convinced it is a migraine and i had to take Amatryptaline for a few months but it did not help at all.I am waiting to see a neurologist. I wondered if this has happened to anyone else?

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Sounds like it could be a silent migraine, all the symptoms of migraine but no pain. I would hope that your neurologist would be able to diagnose. Good luck.


Thanks for your response. Haven't got an appointment through yet- i'm told it's a long wait- but it's reassuring to know there are other types of migraine. I had never heard of silent ones before.


Neither had I until very recently. Is worth researching silent migraine to see if you feel that this is what you are suffering with. I do hope you get your appointment through soon. Good luck.



Yes, I get numbness in different places with my migraines.

This is generally described by neurologists as Aura or can be hemiplegic.

I have an extended Aura with my migraines and numbness which can be numb, pins and needles and numb,or numb but hurts at the same time. I also can get a skin burning sensations. It's bizarre and yes they are all linked to the nervous system and migraines.

Mine come in my scalp, face, arm,leg, hands and feet.

I've suffered for years with the symptoms, had brain scans. Never had a stroke and all the aprons have been checked. I hope these eases your worries a bit xxx

I now have botox for my migraines and it's worked wonders for the pain, however I still get the Aura symptoms so know when I should have a migraine X

Much easier to manage x


I seem to be having a cluster of horrible frightening migraines at the moment and my main concerns are the side of my head and face around eye and check bone tingle and burn !! I'm waiting to see the neurologist few years ago had two ct scan and Mri because of same symptoms all clear! I'm living in fear it's something life threatening! My migraine with numbness from last week I thought had settled then I took my daughter to the cinema and within ten mins of being exposed to noise / light my face and scalp start to go numb burn and tingle always the same side my left! By the time I left the cinema had half a sided head pain especially in my eye!

Reading or using my mobile phone also agrivates a migraine for me!!!

What makes it worse is I find it hard to relax when I feel like this as I'm worried!

Any ideas or thoughts please


hi, i have now had the numbness down the left side of my face for the first time, as it is usually on the right side for years. Using my laptop also seems to provoke my migraine.


thanks for your info. I have the numbness in exactly the same place every time-- it starts at the top of my head -rightside and spreads down to my right ear and around it. It sounds so odd to say that it is a numbing pain and each time i explained it to my doctor she would feel around my ear presumably to look for lumps and bumps, or was she thinking if you can feel my touch then it can't be numb. It does make you feel that they are really trying to catch you out somehow as it sounds like you are contradicting yourself -like how can you feel pain if it feels numb!

I have scared myself reading about leaking anuerysms. But, when i get my appointment and have a scan and the scan shows nothing--hopefully- do you feel humiliated and a timewaster over something that is very real and painful but none else can feel or see? Unless you have had the excruiating pain of a migraine how can you understand . Sorry to ramble on.


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