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Get your head and neck checked

Good afternoon. Thought I would let you know how I'm getting on with my battle with headaches.

After seeing the neurology specialist again and being prescribed every tablet in the world with horrible side affects. I made a life decision that I was not taking these tablets again. After reading a post on here about headaches being related to the neck and spine. I booked a appointment privately with a chiropractic lady.

After my assessment it was confirmed that my headaches were related to my spine. I'm still undergoing treatment but have started to feel better.

Just want people to get this checked before you start taking more horrendous drugs

Hope this helps xx

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Rebecca86 😀 thanx for sharing 😀. My migraines are coming from my Jaw but I too am seeing a chiropractor for my neck which is relieving symptoms 😀

Good luck x


Ya I think you could stop alot of the medication if people got this checked.

My head got worst at first but only 3 weeks in but it's starting to ease xx

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Yip...too quick to pump us with meds like guinea pigs!!

Good luck huni hope it goes well.x


Careful, chiropractor methods aren't scientifically backed, and it's possible for the "adjustments" to cause stroke. I would steer clear and see a physiotherapist instead.


I went to an osteopath and my neck and shoulders felt better at first but no improvement with my migraines. Then I had a severe pain in my neck after one particular treatment and decided not to go anymore. Needed strong pain killers to overcome the pain. This was a qualified NHS practitioner! Decided I preferred the drugs to people messing about with my neck and back. As for cranial massage - you might as well say a prayer for all the good that did! Sorry to be cynical but as yet I haven't found a better alternative to the drugs. Wish there was!!


Well I have found a massive improvement and now know my headaches are related to the muscles in my neck and shoulder. I have had previous injuries to these areas with being in car accidents. None of the horrible drugs I was prescribed was helping the pain I had in my head anyway.

I'm sorry you can not find some relief x


You probably weren't suffering from migraines then. As you say - your headaches were related to the neck and shoulder injury you sustained in a car accident. My point was that I tried an osteopath in the hope that it might help with my migraines but it didn't.


Everybody is different and even the specialist don't know why we have headaches and even how to stop them which is why so many people suffer from them. I was told it was a chronic migraine but I didn't have alot of the symptoms of a migraine.

I hope you find something to help


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