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Migraine the biggest pain!!

I have suffered for years after a soft tissue neck injury . I have found that seeing a chiropractor has helped in the past ( even though costly as G.P's don't agree with their work !) . Read a book called" Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic soul ". 

Keep a diary of your symptoms and tell your G.P you need tablets from the TRIPTAN group . I am prescribed 6 Ritzatriptan monthly as they do work 99 percent of the time . They can make me slightly sleepy but nothing that an espresso or bar of chocolate cant fix !! I can also take ibuprofen and paracetomol with them if I need to. Especially at time of the month which seems to bring on migraines . 

Also Try SOLPHADEINE PLUS ( dispensable )... Brilliant to at least take the edge off ! In addition, ice packs ( even frozen peas ) help on top of your head when a migraine strikes. You can buy disposable ice packs from Amazon 

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Thanks for your post! However, I try not to advise others on taking medication as for one, I am not a doctor.  Over taking certain medications such as paracetamol and solpadine (as this can contain coedine, which is highly addictive) is not a great idea, as this can make headaches worse. Moderation is fine, of course.  

As a daily suffer with three conditions (Cluster, hemiplegic and migraine with aura), I am unable to take any form of anesthesia, simply because this masks my symptoms.  I had to personally go through many barriers which the National Migraine Centre helped me with.  I had what they called Medication Overuse Headache.  Constantly using such basic medications like above, masked all my real underlying, which I then had to detox.  Trust me, I did not want to stop, as I honestly thought they were helping!

The NMC have helped me in many ways in terms of managing my conditions, and although I still have three headaches a day, it isn't seven.  They will be able to tailor a solution specifically for you, so it might be worth speaking to them.


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