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Migraines and color (aura)


I've had migraines since I was in 4th grade which was the first time it was ever diagnosed outside of the realm of allergies and what not. I wont forget laying on the couch for a week with a bag of frozen veggies on my face and head. Would it ever go away?

after the storm cleared I ended up cleaning up my diet (no dairy, no allergens) and for the most part I was able to coast through migraines in a day or two. Wonderful but then life struck me with some traumas and Migraines were at large again leaving me in agony. But this time due to the trauma my keen sense of smell became way to good and someone wearing cologne or perfume would make the migraines come on. blah blah blah fast forward 5 years.

Nausea has always accompanied my migraines, Yogic breathing and mindfulness techniques really do help so much so that now the migraines catch me off guard. I use to get the signal before it would get real bad to the point of black out.

I am a aerobics instructor now and wow way to many times I'll be stuck in the color (aura) of a migraine, what is happening for me is time slows down as though I am no longer here, everybody talks weird like life is in slow motion. This is why I'm writing because the color associated with my migraines is relatively a new experience for me. Last night for instance I was teaching a yoga class which I ended 10 min. early because I didn't know what this migraine was doing, I barley managed not to pass out in front of the class because the vice gripping chaos inside my head and every time I would focus splotches of purple and turquoise flooded my inner landscape.

Nothing quite new for me but it was the pockets and waves of information, static, and color that was disturbing, after class I made it to the bathroom, then to my scooter and right as I started up the scooter and went to place my helmet on it hit me like a tsunami, a jolt as if someone hit me from behind.

"AAHH" I let out a scream with the wrenched vomit, as it felt like I was repeatedly being beaten. I lost my vision and was on my way to the next level of existence within these pulsating glimpses of reality creeping in and out, behold I mustard up the strength to go home at last.

That was yesterday Monday,

My migraines defiantly have some sort of intelligence a kinda purpose and the color associated with them is interesting if you are into chakras (energy turbines). I love reading that others share in the wickedness of Migraines and color, So I'm not that crazy after all.


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Hi Breal, no not crazy...by the sounds of it, just got horrible migraines.. I suffer with Aura too...and if you tried to explain to a someone lucky enough not to be afflicted with this...they would have no idea. I understand completely about chaos and waves of static....I really hate that, its so disturbing and worrying...I have to try and get away from any company until that stage is over.. Have you ever experienced the jumbled words running over and over in your head...that's horrible, then there is the unexplainable highs and lows...feelings of guilt with no reason...what is that all about.. And all that with numb hands, lips, can't see, dizzy, hyper sensitivity to high pitched noise, zig zag with weird colours passing through my field of vision, an arm that doesn't feel like it belongs to me and a head ache....life can be a real challenge sometimes... Oh well maybe one day I'll find the holy grail for us sufferers...the trigger..or cure!! Finger crossed...

Auras really are strange things & make me feel like I'm in another world. I have smelt things that aren't there, felt like crying for no reason, got very dizzy, the floor has felt like jelly, & colours & sounds have gone very odd. In some ways it's worse than the headache.

I haven't had a bad attack for a long time thanks to preventive medication & botox.

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