I'm a 20 year old with a fairly healthy lifestyle but ever since i can remember i've had this never ending pain going from my upper back up the right side of my neck then up the right side of my head, around my ear and behind my eye.

it makes my life hard sometimes as i cant concentrate at work, i cant sit at home and relax because of the lingering pain that never gives me a break, i'm truly clueless to what it might be and desperate for a diagnosis.

I'm seeing a doctor in the next few days but if anyone has or had the same problem please share and give some advice??

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  • I have not but have heard of it, have you had your vitamin B12 levels checked?



    Worth checking out. MaryF

  • Hi Mary, no i haven't.

  • Hi I may be wrong but I as well has having chronic migraine had a left side headache which sometimes affected my hearing almost all the time. My Neurologist diagnosed hemi crania continua (permanent one sided headache). If it is that, indometacin, a strong anti inflammatory will totally take that specific pain away. You do have to take something like omaprozole to protect your stomach too. I may be completely wrong but that's my experience. Good luck

  • thanks for the reply jackie, you might be right. it doesn't affect my hearing but i do have pain in my ear. But i'm guessing it depends on the the person and there condition.

  • I have the same. Trigeminal neuralgia. There is the trigeminal nerve affected by migraine. Was prescribed baclofen and take fioreset when pain gets bad. Baclofen was of no use for me. Balanced diet, low carbs, Exercise, heating pad was my best help. I still get pain at least once a week. Hope this helps.

  • Forgot to add, vitamins, esp B complex, magnesium, Co-Q- 10.

  • hello Franniep51, was yours literally every second of the day? and did you go to the doctors about it?

  • Hi Rayman. I have had very similar symptoms only mine was the left side. I did have the odd day or two without pain and I'm waiting for the results of blood tests for what Mary suggests. Hughes syndrome etc. However 2 weeks and 2 days ago I went for the daith piercing and unbelievably have only had 2 minor headaches and only taken 1/2 a sumatriptan since. Apparently it's an accupuncture point, Google it. The piercer said that it works for some people and it seems I'm one of those lucky ones. It's early days and I'm not holding my breath but each morning I wake ip with no pain, I'm getting less sceptical. I actually went in to have it done with a migrain on its way as soon as it was pierced I felt a release of pressure in my head and came out without a migrain?.. If you decide to try it all you have to lose is the £30 cost. I wish you luck x

  • thanks for the reply babs1234. yeah that does sound like its worth giving a go, i'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor as is could be a pinched nerve or something. can i see one without being directed by a doctor??

  • You can see a chiropractor privately any time you want but you won't get one on the NHS. Anything is worth a go Rayman. I've spent years trying different things alternative and drugs. Good luck

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