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chronic migraines

ive been suffering with migraines for 40+ years after surviving tb/meningitis and grand mal convulsions....

ive been left with a few disabilities,useless on my right side,weak right eye.twitching,depression.

also been told i have brain damage but ive worked my whole life since leaving school at 16...

i'm worried about my job but i know i'm protected by the disability law (also in the union) and funnily enough i was once sacked at my job for being off work for having migraines (the manager who did my disciplinary said he was speaking to a doctor friend who says migraines only lasted 2 hours.....could i still take him to court over discussing my medical outside work....and this happened a few years ago)

anyway,sorry for going on...what i want to know is,seeing as i'm off work at least 3 times a month...and sometimes i have to work through my pain as i cant afford to take time off,can i claim any sort of disability for these migraines i have.....

any info/answers would be greatly appreciated

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I suffer from Hemiplegic Migraines which can cause one sided weakness along with other symptoms which you have mentioned.

I think if I were you I would be asking my doctor to look into this. Not all doctors are aware of it but they are normally very helpful and look into it.

Unfortunately I have not been able to return to work since I had a bad bout of attacks.

So I am now claiming PIP which is personal independence payment. Also ESA if you are unable to work, but you can only claim this for a year. But it may be worthwhile looking into.


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