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Starting Pregabalin help please

Please can someone help me, I have just come off beta blockers and anti-depressants which I took at the same time for my migraines. (Which I might add was not a good experience)

I have just gone up to 100mg of Pregabalin, 50mg in morning and 50mg at night. But I can't seem to function at all, I'm so drooszy and feel so heavy and tired. Is this normal? Will it pass? Having another day off work is not a good situation but if these feelings pass and soon I'm hoping it will be worth it, what do you all think?

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Hello , I was put on pregabalin for chronic migraines and was on 150 mg twice a day . It worked like a miracle . It made me feel like I'd had a few cocktails to begin with ...quite pleasant ! It does wear off though . Stick with it ...if it works it can be amazing and the only thing that worked for me after much trying .i now just take 150 mg at night and it seems mainly to keep them at bay .

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Thank you for your reply, it has made me feel more positive. I don't want to give up easily on any help but work and family are suffering! Let's hope I am the same as you and it will be my little miracle. Thanks again



Please let me know how you get on with this won't you? The Pain clinic want me to start taking it to manage my endomitriosis pain but it's too much with the topamax i take to control my migraines. They told me that Pregabalin wouldn't help with the migraines so it wasn't an option to stop the topamax and replace it with Pregabalin.

I have my fingers crossed that it works for you

Victoria x


Hi Victoria

Thank you for the reply,

I was put on Pregabalin to help with random pain and migraine. My consultant said it will help both!!!

So now I only take Pregabalin 100mg a day and zomitriptan nasal sprays when needed.

Must say I haven't had any pain but migraines still lingering at the moment but it's early days yet.

The worst thing about it is its day 3 and I'm very spaced out so unable to drive which means can't work so a nightmare with that as my work place although a big organisation doesn't seem to care.

I will keep you updated as to how I get on.


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