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Headache advice??

I've been having savere headaches for years. It has become constant pain, I don't remember the last time I didn't have a headache. I have exhausted every avanue of treatment I can find with no help. I've treid madical Drs, Nurologists, chiropractic, prescription meds, homeopathics, hormone treatment, nutrition, allergies, acupuncture, etc. MRI didn't show anything. Just don't know where to turn right now. Kinda tired of people telling me "it's all in my head" or "that always works, are you sure it didn't help?". Any advice on what to try, who to see, where to go, anything would be greatly apprecaited!!!


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I have similar problem. Just meditation gives relief. No other medication works.


I know this sounds stupid and terrifying, but try wearing aluminium foil under a woolly hat to use it like a shield. Try it for a few days, you can inside, no one will see you, but it may help if the headaches are caused by electromagnetic energy.

If you have tried all other ways........then this has to be tried, something has to work.

I get migraine *before* major earthquakes, usually over 6.5 magnitude, in other words, I get the headaches, and then the quake follows, and I suffer if there is a lot of aftershocks, because it can go on for days. So I know what being in an odd situation is like and how outside influences affects my head pain.

Hope that helps, its just worth trying.


This actually works believe it or not! I get painful sinus headaches like clock works on Monday’s! I also think something going on with my thyroid! Will be getting it checked!


Hi. I used to be like you until I changed my lifestyle and diet and looked into my migraines seriously. The best would be for you to go to the NMC, are you far from London?


Have you ruled out hemicrania continua? I thought I'd be suffering from migraine for the last 10 years and have recently had this diagnosis, which changes a lot. Now on indometacin and almost headache free. I didn't exactly fit the criteria so I think lots of doctors I'd seen didn't think to try it, but the continuousness of your pain is what I had - and what triggered the neurologist to think about hemicrania continua.


I am not being rude or simplistic but have you thought that you maybe having rebound headaches---I was forever taking meds for headache-- I would go to bed with one/it woke me at night and I woke up with one,,, every bleep,bleep day and I was never free from bad head pain! ( they are amazingly painful!!!) Then I read about the rebound effect.

It may be useful to see if this is the case-- there will be someone here who will be able to give you really good advice about this

I am not trying to offend you so please forgive me if you have already considered this.,


I don't have any answers or solutions, just sympathy. I have also been told that "it's all in your head", not to mention people telling me to try "cures" that I know for a fact have no scientific basis behind them (I tried some of them anyway, 'cos you do anything when you're desperate).

It took years to get behind the reason for my headaches & pain in my face (referred pain from my shoulder and neck). Please don't give up.


I also have chronic headaches. I literally have had a headache everyday for the past 25 years. I have no idea in how to make them go away. I have taken every medication know to man, really. I would also like to know if anyone else has found a way to deal with this


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