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Severe migraine (basilar) how do you tell work?

Hi all! Hope you are all well and feeling great!

I start a new job soon and would like a little PDF or pamphlet to pass on to my new bosses to give them a very basic explanation of my migraines and the kind of symptoms I can experience so they understand how this illness may impact my work.

Does anyone have a nice pamphlet or website they've sent to their bosses? As I get Basilar my symptoms are very odd, so it would be helpful to explain before hand as its not a typical migraine headache situation. I'm finding Basilar migraine to be a quiet little world, its so unknown, it would be great to chat to others with the same symptoms!

If anyone has found anything, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to be upfront about my illness and showing them a simple outline of the condition from a respectable medical charity or source would be very helpful. Thanks all

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Lots comes up via google: International Headache Society, Webmd.com, nhs.uk/ipgmedia/national/mi...

migrainetrust.org/informati... - they offer an info service so could probably help you to find what you are looking for. Or what about a letter from GP/consultant?



I gave my boss info from webmd/boots on basilar migraine (I'm sorry that I can't link to it but I found it quickly by a Google search) which was the info my GP gave to me after diagnosis on the basis they didn't really know about it! They seemed to understand this information and it was then passed on to occupational health who used it in their report. I did highlight the parts that were relevant to me. I had to see them though as this was a result of viral meningitis and so I had a lot of time off work and was currently in the job.

I also found information on migraine trust which is a case study. I decided not to use this as it didn't really highlight my symptoms (the main one being black outs) and also emphasised how hard it is to work which was not the impression I wanted to give (just that with support and understanding, which I knew I had, I would be ok).

I hope this helps. Like you say, it is quiet little world so it is quite difficult to get info - even from gps!


I have never heard of basila migraine before but having googled it the symptoms are really very similar to just migraine. I don't think anyone who hasn't suffered a migraine can possibly know just how debilitating they are. Good luck with your new job


I have besila migraine . I blackout with no warning. Wen I come round I can't function properly and have an awful headache. Sometimes I don't feel well before but no pain just sickerly


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