Betablockers - do they work well?

I have tried almost everything over the years for my migraine and the only thing left is betablockers. Have they worked well for anyone else and especially as a last resort ? Doctor has been reluctant to try these as I have low blood pressure, but it seems to be more normal recently so I am wondering if I should give them a go? Advice / tips on betablockers most welcome :)

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  • I used propranolol as a desparate 'last resort' for increasing chronic migs. It wouldn't cure but it would reduce frequency and severity. This it did do. The first few weeks were hardwork - but did adjust- had to pace myself more conservatively and sleep more, reduce commitments esp in evenings. Hated being on them, felt was not myself, like being dragged down all the time and more than usually stupid. Positive side - took the worst edge off the migs, made them something I could exist with. Was on for about a year. It did give a breathing space, and a bit of recovery time which I am still grateful for, but along with most migraine medication, I do refer to them as spawn of the devil. As you know, with all of them it is a balancing act - side effects v benefits.

  • I'm on atenolol 100mg. Started on 50mg which seemed to work for a few weeks then had to increase the dose. I'm not sure it's working for me as I've also had botox and I think it's that which is working better. But I know people who have found beta-blockers helpful.

    My blood pressure is usually on the low side of normal. I got it checked recently and it was a bit lower than usual but nothing to be concerned about. I get dizzy now if I stand up too quickly, which I am always forgetting about, but that's about the only problem (I suppose the day I rush up out of a chair and pass out I'll be less positive!)

  • I have been on beta blockers, slow release 80mg a day for about 6 months now because my migraines got worse after being forced into surgical menopause, I have found them great, still get small headaches but a couple of paracetamol sort it out. I know that I will have to come off them one day, but whilst trying to cope with menopause and no HRT for health reasons, not having the migraines is great. Good luck and do ask about slow release as it does not give me dizzy spells x

  • Ok thanks for replies. Not sure i have slow release though - am on 10 mg three times a day to begin with. Cant say i feel much improvement yet - just had a 3 day headache which was not very nice. But fingers crossed i will see an improvement after a while - doc said it would be slow to notice any improvement ?

  • I started a beta blocker, also 3 times a day, in April. I am getting to last resort treatments and also have low blood pressure. There was a period of adjustment where my bp dropped substancially, but then it regulated itself, and the medication appears to be helping. My migraines appear to be a stroke. This last one, made me a level 4 trauma patient and was a $14,000 migrain. I am very glad for the new addition to my regimen. Good luck!

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