Gold Brain Awards for Migraines

Gold Brain Awards for Migraines

Hello all, we should all get a gold brain award trophy for surviving migraines. Something like this maybe but inscribed with " Winner 2015 Gold Brain for Surviving 486 days of Straight Migraines and Being Nice to People."

Just remember everyone, we are survivors of extreme adversity and dont ever forget how Totally Awesome you all are.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  • You are right anyone that suffers from this debilitated illness needs a medal the size of your house.To waken up with it and go to bed with it takes its toll.the thing is yes we are survivors but it's a terrible way to live never being able to do the things you want when you can hardly get out of bed .good luck with your headaches I need a miracle after having menigitise which has left me with headaches 24/7 If you have any treatments that you can share I would be grateful.xx jean v.m

  • Can I nominate myself for the award of Getting The Emergency Tablets Out Of The Blister Pack With My Eyes Shut Yet Only Losing One Pill Under The Passenger Seat In The Process Whilst Simultaneously Opening The Car Door Just In Case I Needed To Throw Up ?

    It's Ok, I wasn't driving. I was awesome though.

  • Yep. You definitely get an award for that. How about the Posthumous Most Brave and Earnest Pill Popping Event of 2015?

  • Hello everybody! How are you all? It is funny for the gold brail award for migraines, I had VM in July 2012, I am getting better, but the headache now is part of my life, when I don't have it, I wonder what is going on? I take acetaminophen 500 mg sometimes 3 a day, but I try of no taking pills sometimes I can handle it without the pills, but my left side and more in my left arm it gets numbness, yesterday it was totally numbness I thought it was dead, but in five min it was good again a little bit retarded but good, just to check how is your recovery of this potential deadly disease.?

    Greetings from New York.

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