Hi everyone, i posted about PIP a few months back and i wanted to post my progress/ problems ive been having with them.

I recently sent of 16 pages of medical evidence including support letters of Dr, a few weeks later i received a letter telling me i wasn't approved and i wasn't ill enough to apply.

After some research it turns out they declined my application before actually looking at the medical evidence , the letters even had dates i supposedly had Dr's records and information 20 years before i was born. Its truly ridiculous.

According to PIP, chronic migraines is not a debilitating illness, of course to people who have there lives ruined everyday by chronic migraines we would say differently.

I recently found


its fantastic and also contains a lot of information that can' really be argued.

I've send this to PIP and hopefully this will help my case.

I hope this helps someone in some way and if you have any information on this subject please comment

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  • Good luck

  • Hi there sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with the DWP. Unfortunately this seems to be a common experience. Thanks for posting that information it was really interesting. I've been suffering from cervicogenic headaches and migraines for the post few years, and I'm struggling to find any effective medication. I hope you get the outcome you desire. Please keep us posted x

  • "According to PIP, chronic migraines is not a debilitating illness"

    If only we could give someone migraine for a day, or two, or three! Would they like to speak with my employer who made all reasonable adjustments! I just didn't have enough well days!

    I'm waiting to hear about my ESA assessment, not hopeful­čśá

  • This is so true, compassion and understanding goes out the window with these people, i don't wish migraines on anyone but when these type of people blindly judge others who have problems i change my mind. They'd quickly change there tune if they had 1-2 migraines and were told it was gonna be an everyday thing from then on.

  • Hi just come across your post...for different reasons have similar problems with DWP & my PIP

    I telephoned to register for reconsideration subject to submitting extra evidence.

    DWP made a mandatory reconsideration on my original submissions/atos assessment BEFORE extra evidence sent in

    Assessment 13 July mandatory reconsideration letter 24 July received 29 July !

    My representative submitted reconsideration paperwork 29 July

    DWP determined not too keep me mobile / independent & car has to go back next week . INDEPENDENCE is not recognised in DWP & PIP..

    Will go to tribunal if that's what DWP want ..get an advisor who is experienced with the mechanics of the system.

    PS. I took am a chronic migraine victim diagnosed with temporal lobe migraines ..went onto gabapentin.Which now assists with my spine nerve pains.

    Hugs & best wishes

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