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Amitriptylin and pregnancy


I suffered with migraines/tension headaches since I was a teenager, more since I had my daughter 3years ago. Drs prescribed amitriptylin 25mg/day and they really help a lot. But now we are ready to try for another baby and not sure if I can take the amitriptylin because every Dr says something different. If I can't take them, how do I wean myself off? can I start trying while I'm weaning myself off it? Thank you?

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Heya Hun. Although I don't have the answers for you sorry I am going to watch your post and see what people say, as I am considering having another baby but am so frightened at the thought of my migraines taking over my life which they did before I went onto my medication. I'm currently on topiramate 200 mg daily and have been for over a year ( tried everything else nothing worked) and they have changed my life. Doctors have told me I can't be on this medication at all when even trying for a baby. I need to be off them at least a couple of months before trying. Me and my husband gave it a go about 6 months ago where I weaned myself off them and my migraines instantly came back with a vengeance, I tried to pull through it but I couldn't even look after my daughter or go to work. Sorry this post isn't very encouraging, I'm sure I'm a very extreme case. I'm just hoping there is a chance out there for us and that we can have another baby safely that won't be a daily struggle with pain. and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.


Hi Katemarie, I'm sorry you are going through this too. I was lucky enough not to have any migraines while pregnant and I'm hoping for the same next time but as we know all pregnancy are different. I could do without the severe sickness lol but since I had my daughter they came more frequently. I'm still not sure if they are migraines or tension headaches (I think they are tension headaches) but I can't get up, it's one sided, and makes me throw up. Amitriptylin really helps a lot, didn't have an attack for a very long time. If I can feel one coming I take 50mg diclofenac potassium with 2 solpadeine max tablets and I'm fine, no headache. But I don't think I can take those while pregnant. :( Hope we both can sort something out.


Your migraines/ tension headaches sound awful and I can completely understand where you are coming from. I also had the same situation where when my daughter was born the migraines got severely worse which is when I was diagnosed with chronic hormonal migraines. Went through 3 years or different preventative medications and Botox treatments under a neurologist in London. Only now are they under control and my life has turned around. I get the occasional migraines around my menstral period but I take sumatriptan and co codimol if necessary. I do hope you get the answers your looking for. My daughter is desperate for a sibling. But it wouldn't be fair on her if I couldn't be a mum to her if I wasn't well enough to look after her in the process. Migraines and other headache problems are always treated as something as not a big issue but my word what do they know!!!

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My daughter is on amitrptylin for migraine headaches. Her neurologist felt she should stay on it during her pregnancy as although there are obviously no trials into any effects it might have, he knew there were women who had taken it and gone on to have successful pregnancies.

Our granddaughter was born six months ago and she is beautiful. The dose medicine my daughter is on is 10mg. She has written on this site before about her experience in response to another person with the same question as you. I hope you manage to find a solution which works for you.


Thank you so much Annefrancis. I'm on 25mg, maybe if I reduce it it will be fine. I'm glad it all went well for your daughter and congrats on your granddaughter:)


Hello, I'm the daughter that AnneFrancis is talking about :) my dose is 25mg also (not 10mg) I had many a conversation with the consultant who told me out of all the medication I could be on amitriptyline is thought to be the safest. it's a personal decision and I hope you work out what's best for you. I know that I would have been too poorly to look after my daughter if the migraines returned full throttle :( all I can say is I have one healthy happy 6month little girl :) good luck whatever you decide.


Hi, I found out I was pregnant in April and was on 10mg of amiltripttlin. My DR told me to come off it immediately which terrified me as like you it has lessened the severity of my migraines. I did stop taking it straight away and I haven't noticed any side effects. I've had one week with a bad migraine and several auras and I did noticed how bad the pain was compared to when on the medication.

However, there is lots of advice out there which says if the benefit for the expectant mother overrides the risk for child then it is better to stay on the medication. 25mg is a very small dose and i would discuss it with your DR to tell them your concerns. This is worth a read


Hi I was on amitriptilyne for nearly a year and it did help at first. After about 9 months the pain started to come through. I weaned off by taking one every other day for a weeks then 2 a week for the next week then stopped. If you have tension migraines have you tried doing neck, head and shoulder exercises as soon as you feel on coming on? Mine always started in the neck at night and I would lie awake all night lying absolutely rigid not daring to move my head I was in so much pain then I thought one night instead of lying completely still I sat on the edge of the bed for 20 mins rotating head shoulders and twisting my neck from side to side. The pain didn't go into my head for the first time ever, now I do these exercises daily as often as I can and it has certainly helped my tension migraine.


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