A new one for me yesterday. I woke with the usual headache after about 2 hours my vision went sparkly. I thought oh oh I'm in for a bad tim

A new one for me. I woke up with the usual headache and about 2 hours later my vision went sparkly. I thought oh oh I'm in for a bad time here but after about 1 minute the vision became clear and the headache disappeared with the sparkles. Anyone heard of this before.?

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  • Never heard of it, but I have found if I have visual aura before migraine the head pain is not as severe as it would normally be. No idea why. Some people have migraine which is visual aura and no head pain.

  • This happens quite frequently for me, looks like the inside of a snowglobe with glitter raining down but no pain at all.

  • Yes I have had visuals with no pain before but never have they gone and took the pain with them.

  • I'm not surprised to see so many responses from folks with similar issues! I've had "Scintillating Scotomae" (ophthalmologist taught me that term at Coffee Hour) since I was 8. Never had ANY of the other icky stuff until last year. One thing and another and I was having the pain, the weakness in the legs (which know are painful due to stenosis - I don't know if that's a side-issue or not), the same Scotomar as always, the nausea . . . GP made me get off Prednisone (one of the One Thing and Anothers is Arthritis) because my BP was so high. In May I go for Migraine follow-up with a Neurologist.

    My Scotomae have always formed in a sideways "V" shape and swept, right to left across my field of vision. Annoying as hell but not life-threatening. Always take about 20 mins. I will be able to tell the Neurologist that since I stopped taking Prednisone, my Migraines have way lessened.

    And one of the Neurologists I work with, when I was leaning on her desk to relieve the stenosis pain mentioned that I was in the "Classic Pose". Getting old bites!

  • Hi, well it certainly sounds like the aura I get...but the fact that it then quickly went and with it, the headache...but then again mine change symptoms regularly... Every other week I think...what now?

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