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Basilar migraine

Does anyone else suffer with basilar migraine, I literally look like I'm drunk out and about when I get them. I get slurred speech, dizziness, can't walk, shaky, sickness. I take topiromax for them but had to stop them as just had a baby but just started back on them hoping there going to start working again soon as been getting one at least once a week. If anyone else gets like this is there any coping mechanisms that might help me? It's not always easy with having 3 children to look after but luckily my oldest is very good and helps me out when I get one, they also pretty much go once I've had a sleep.

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I find that you should really give-in to your body's requests during these times. I get an extremely overwhelming feeling of tiredness and sleepiness when I get a migraine, and I almost always try to give in, lay down and have a nap. Obviously that's not possible when you're in your car or something, but whenever I can I really try to give in, take my medication, and lie down to sleep. I usually sleep very deeply and well (for 1 or 1.5hrs) and afterwards the migraine's gone in 8/10 cases. I find these cooling patches really useful as well (you can buy them in Boots or any pharmacy really), because they stick on your forehead so you can move but it will stay in place. I also like to wear a sleep mask over my eyes, because it helps with making everything dark and it helps fall asleep quicker. Hope this helps! :)


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