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My wife suffers from Migraine and trapped by an illegal person

I'm a father of 3 kids and married to my wife for almost 8 years. We had a happy life for 7 years until last year. My wife was always complaining of severe headache which later diagnosed with migraine. She also suffered from depression. Last year she started complaining about life and losing interest in me. one day after we had an argument over a small issue she called the police accused me of domestic violence. After police interview I proved innocent and I was released with no further action.

That day, She left my house and took my 3 children with her and disappeared for about 4 months. During her disappearance I suffered too much pain thinking of her n my children. I was always asking myself why she did that to me. I could not find answer as i always was a good husband to her and loved my kids deeply. She never met me nor allowing me to see my children. I cannot express my feeling what I had been through without my children and how much I suffered being by my own with no little support. Finally thanks to God, After 4 months of misery I convinced her to return.

By her return I thought life will get back to normal and we will resume our happy life as before. Sadly, she was not that kind wife any more and her behaviour was worse than you can imagine. She registered herself on land registry on my property and kept distance from me not giving me the feeling of a husband. Soon I realised that she was secretly in contact with some guy whom is misguided my wife. Its one month that she left me taking my children for second time for no reason. I believe she has gone back to refuge. I am quiet sure that my wife has been trapped by this asian guy. I am 100 percent sure that this guy is living illegally in the UK with no valid visa and he has used black magic to attract my wife to himself so he can get my wife, property and most importantly UK visa. He is trying to destroy my family, my children life to gain something for himself. I don't know what to do and where to go for help. I cannot talk about him with my wife as she loose all her dignity and she may never come back. I love my wife with all my heart and don't want to loose her. She has been deceived by this criminal minded person. . I can only report him to police if they keep it confidential. Please somebody help what shall I do?

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Hi, this forum is really just for the subject of migraines only. You may need to hire yourself a counsellor to talk through your problems. MaryF

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You are so mean, thanks god you don't own a church otherwise you wouldn't let people in there. We are human beings when you feel sad you try everything to be helped by others.


Just offering sensible advice, you clearly need some help both of you. I have reported your comment. MaryF

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There are a number of depression forums on Health Unlocked eg Action on Depression - where you can get support on dealing with your feelings.

migraine like headaches and some personality changes are amongst the symptoms of B12 deficiency


However, diagnosis and treatment isn't straight forward and it would need to be driven by your wife if it is a factor, though sadly it is sometimes the case that people do fall out of love and it can make them miserable.

Not sure where you are based but in the UK the following organisations may also be useful to you:

RELATE - a charity dealing with relationship problems - they usually see all parties together so if your wife was agreeable it might provide a neutral environment in which you can talk about issues. They charge according to your means.

CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU - who can sometimes support on legal issues.

If you aren't based in the UK then there are generally local equivalents.


its clear you need to seek proper help,if you feel migraine caused your wife to leave she may have been depression, as there in no known cure at the moment having three children must have been a nightmare. first sort yourself out by talking to your GP. he or she will be able to guide you as the best way for you to deal with the problem, you could start off by not living in fear, and stand your ground for you kids sake. only you can sort it out, i wish you best of luck.


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