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Teeth grinding and migraine

I've just been to the dentist to discover that my very low level teeth grinding has escalated massively in the last year – to the point that I've broken two teeth! I'm now having a mouth guard made. It's got me wondering whether this could be affecting my migraines, particularly as I often wake up with them. Will the mouth guard be my miracle cure (unlikely…but I can dream!). So I was wondering if anybody else has experience with grinding, mouth guards and migraines?

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I believe teeth grinding is quite a common cause.


Interesting; I have Migraines - increased markedly since this year's flu shot - and I grind my teeth (stress) - and lately the stress at work has been just bizarre . . . hmmmm.


I wore a mouth guard for quite a while to see if it would help with chronic pain in my face. It turned out that I wasn't grinding my teeth at all, so it didn't help in my case. But the dentists said that for people who do grind their teeth, it can help to reduce the tension in the jaw and improve all kinds of headache.

The first night of wearing the guard was awful and it came out within a few minutes. But after a couple of nights I got used to it and it wasn't a problem.

Good luck


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