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Occipital Nerve Root Block and Fibromyalgia

I am due to have an occipital nerve root block tomorrow morning and was wondering if anyone who has had this procedure also has Fibromyalgia. If so was there any response that I need to be prepared for from the Fibro.

I recently went to see a neurologist at his specialist headache clinic and he identified two causes of the pains I experience in my head. The first he has treated with the beta blocker propranolol, this has been effective and in two weeks I have only had two migraines. Previously I was having constant migraines having been taken off sustained release morphine. The second he said could be treated using a nerve root block.

I have read around some of the issues raised on HealthUnblocked and saw that many people report that they have not had a positive outcome. I have previously had a nerve block as a diagnostic in my lumbar spine, this was successful and helped identify peripheral stenosis which was operated on successfully.

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I see I'm alone with this one ha ha. I'm pleased to say that the procedure was straight forward and the injection itself was less painful than the headaches/migraines, rather like having a few hairs pulled at the same time. The anaesthetic wore off after a couple of hours and the pain I've had for the last four years has eased. My scalp at the back of my head feels rather strange but not sore/painful. The early indications are that it may well work. I will know for sure in about 7 to 10 days as the steroid can take that long to work on inflamed nerves. My consultant told me that it could last as long as three months and that if it does work then he would be happy to repeat it as necessary. Exciting stuff.

I have a bit of a flare going on in the top of my arms but that's easing a little now. I have been resting and doing a few gentle stretches. Paracetamol seems to be adequate.

I hope this helps folk out if they get round to reading it :-)

Ciao for now,

Ginny :-)


I had one but it didn't work. However, I've not responded well to nerve blocks in other places, and the consultant said they don't work for some people. So maybe you will do OK!

I would say it's worth a try. If the propanolol is already helping this might be the thing that helps sort it out.


Hi Teadrinker,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you.

I have been a little off colour for the last couple of days but it seems I have a virus which has kicked off the Fibro. My head has been so much better.

The neurologist I saw told me that he thought there were a couple of causes for my migraines & headaches and chose Propranalol for one and the GON block for the other. Your advice is appreciated re the propranolol, so far so good.

Take good care, Gin :-)


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