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Migraine aspasia and aura treatment while pregnant? Has anyone got any advice please

Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help, I have always suffered with migraines but only this last week have I experienced migraine aspasia and auras, I was so scared I rang an ambulance, I couldn't see, was very confused, couldn't speak or understand speech and my hand went numb then followed by the migraine pain, the hospital did blood tests and ECG and everything was ok, then it happened again last night but this time my face went numb too :/ it's so scary! I went to see my doctor this morning but they just said to take paracetamol, I'm seriously worried there is something wrong with my brain but they said they can't give me any medication or scans because I'm pregnant (24 weeks), my dad has has migraine aspasia twice in the past so I'm wondering if it's hereditary, and if it's happening because I'm pregnant, does anyone know of any treatment I can have while pregnant to controll it, maybe optical nerve blocker injections? Has anyone had the same thing happen to them while pregnant? Thanks for any advice, kathryn.

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My daughter is 17 year old and had migraine with aura yesterday. She has this about once a year and I noticed that her first episode started when she was about 13 or 14 year old.

Her symptoms usually starts with sensory loss. Her vision will be blurred and all her she can see is spots. Then follows by stiffness and numbness in her arms. She will lost the sensation of her arms while she has the headache which becomes very acute and consistent.

She also vomits violently and becomes very confused and starts talking a lot incoherently.

It is advised by the doctor that she should take paracematol for the headache and Prochlorperazine (vomiting and dizziness) probably not suitable in your case because you are pregnant.

However, we didn’t find these medications work because my daughter can’t keep these medications in while she is constantly vomiting. The doctor did say is best to take them while she starts experience the first sign of the symptoms to reduce the level of the intensity of these symptoms.

Her symptoms usually takes about 5-6 hours to disappear. We normally let her sleep in a quiet dark room. I was told this may help to relieve the symptoms a bit. Because she can’t tolerate any noises or lights during these attacks.

Afterward the symptoms disappeared she feels completely drained and needs to rest in bed. This takes about a day or two before her energy comes back.

She tends to have migraine with aura about once a year. I noticed that when this happens she is usually under a lot of stress and just before the start of her menstruation. Also when her immune system is down usually after she has a bad cold or flu.

None of us in the family or anyone has migraine with aura while they are pregnant as far as I Know.

I do know is a frightening experience because when my daughter first had these symptoms we thought she had food poisoning and rushed her to the A&E thinking that there is something seriously wrong with her brain.

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Hi Katie-pawz,

I'm sure you've probably looked here but just in case you haven't, there's a short but maybe helpful fact sheet about migraine in pregnancy. I think all migraine can be hereditary.

I can't imagine how scary that must be for you whilst pregnant too - I've never been pregnant myself, so have no specific advice to offer. Generally though for me, massage and gentle exercise like hatha yoga really does help. A friend does pregnancy massage and says it's really helpful and popular. I find walking a really good tonic - especially this time of year in the autumn trees. So that even while feeling aphasia or dizzying vertigo, I often drag myself outside - mainly because I'll know I'll feel better afterwards knowing that I can still function and look like a normal human to passersby! Good luck with finding some helpful treatments and approaches.

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