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Migraines and thyroid. Please help!!!

My migraines are now daily and I was just hospitalized with a morphine cocktail. I have had migraines but never daily. I am very tired all the time...muscles ache have gained 10 pounds quickly and barely eat. I feel like something is lodged in my thyroid reason at all times. Well my doctor checked my thyroid levels and said borderline hypothyroidism but won't treat it. I can't go on daily like this. On top of it my anxiety is at it's worst making it difficult to go out

Or to work. Any suggestions??!

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Sorry to hear about this, and also sorry that the doctor won't treat because it is borderline.

Do you know if your doctor has also looked for B12D - a lot of symptoms are very similar to thyroid problems.


Thyroid and B12 problems often go together ... and B12D is often misdiagnosed as a whole range of things. Unfortunately it isn't well understood by GPs and it can be extremely difficult to get them to listen. You could try supplementing for yourself and see if that works - but you may need very high doses if you have an absorption problem. I find that a nasal spray works for me. Others use sub-lingual tabs and even skin patches. It is a water soluble vitamin so if you take in more than you need it passes out through the urine. Some people very, very rarely have allergic reactions - but that is generally when they are receiving B12 by injection. It is used in extremely high dosages to treat cyanide poisoning ie not one of the vitamins that you can overdose on.

There is also a condition known, I think, as Hughes syndrome which involves migraine type headaches - and that is down to a vitamin deficiency again.

Good idea to make sure that you B9 (folic acid) levels are good and also your B6 levels - as the three vitamins interact and a deficiency in B6 can lead to a deficiency in B9 and deficiency in B9 can seriously affect your ability to process B12.


Thank you so much for the reply. Would the B12 cause rapid weight gain? I have never had a problem with my weight and within the past 2 months gained 15 pounds and I hardly eat due to stomach and acid reasons. My arms and fingers tingle and hurt all the time and like I said I feel like I have a lump in my throat everyday and it's the worst feeling so hard to swollow food or drink normal. I don't get why doctors keep pushing me off. This drives me crazy because they want to keep giving depression meds like I am not experiencing the symptoms. I know my body and I have never gained weight like that. I am so used to being between 114-116 all my life and now 130. That is difficult for me and no matter what I do I can't lose it that's why I feel it's thyroid related. She said all my blood levels looked good just my thyroid was low end borderline for hypothyroidism. My mom had that when she was about 18 and had a goiter due to not treating and that's what I feel is happening in my throat. She has been on thyroid meds since and she is 64 now. It's frustrating


I can't really help with getting GP to listen - staying calm is probably the key.

The weight gain really does sound more like under-active thyroid than B12, though I think some people do experience weight gain - for me I don't think its weight so much as loss of muscle tone.

B12 isn't a test that is normally done - if you have a thyroid problem then I believe that is something that can interfere with absorption of B12.

Have you tried asking to see a second GP?

The experience with your mother is something that you should listen to as it is a real fear - but I think your response should be along the lines of 'please can you tell me exactly why being borderline means that I should not be treated for the thyroid problem. I am concerned because there is a family history and ...

Do you have a friend that could go with you when you go to see the GP?


Join Thyroid UK on here, they are best equipped to deal with advice and help. MaryF


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