Alternative to Imigran-Sumitriptan

Hi everyone, my chemist has told me there is now a problem with getting this medication. So first of all wanted to let everyone know on here, who are using this medication. Also what would be a good alternative to this medication. At the moment, im waiting on an alternative, not sure what the doctor has put through. Will know in a few days.

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  • I know there are many other triptans so maybe your doctor could try you on one of those. I,ve had maxalt before which I THINK is also called rizatriptan. Made me feel more spaced out than sumatriptan but still worked!

  • I have been prescribed naratriptan, which on its own didn't do much, but works better for me if I take it with domperidone (an anti-sickness drug) as it's then absorbed better in the stomach and works quickly. I'd say that this combination was better for me than sumatriptan.

    I've also tried rizatriptan, which is supposed to be even quicker and better as it comes as a tablet that melts on the tongue. Unfortunately for me it was mint flavoured, which mid-attack was not what I wanted to taste so it wasn't a pleasant experience. Spent the rest of the day feeling very drowsy too.

    Apparently there are other triptans as well. Hope you get one that works. I've had problems in the past getting painkillers because the pharmaceutical company has been taken over and there's been a delay in sorting out ownership of the licence to make certain drugs. All very well but not so good if you rely on them!

  • There is frovatriptan too. When I visited nmc they said sumatriptan is short acting so if your migraines tend to linger for 2 or 3 days as mine did then frovatriptan or noratriptan are better longer acting ones. I think its a matter of trying out which ones suit you best. Though noratriptan made me very spaced out, if you can go to bed it was quite pleasant as helped me shut down. And I would always take with domperidone.

  • Personally, I'd check another chemist (or two). But, otherwise, there are a variety of triptans on the market (prescription only). Sumatriptan is the only one I know of that you can get OTC. You might want to look here as a place to start:

    Some good information here too:

  • This report provides a good summary of the evidence on the effectiveness and prominence of side effects of the many different triptans out there. Please note, though, that these are averages: individual reactions vary a lot.

  • Try asking for advice at an independent chemist/pharmacy. They tend to go the extra mile to find your meds. The chains tend not to put themselves out for you. The pharmacists seem to have less control or influence regarding the supply of meds with the chain pharmacies.

  • Hi Everyone, sorry just replying wanted to give the new tablets a few days to see how they were working. Well the doctor has put me on Zolmitriptan 2.5 mg, and so far they seem to be working better very quick acting. As soon as the migraine starts, and I take 1, they kick in within no time. As far as Imigran is concerned, it does seem that this is going to be of the market. The Chemist I deal with is a small concern, I just hope it doesn't, knowing how good it is. I will keep you all updated as to how I continue to get along with this new tablet. Fingers crossed, hate to go back to how I was. Thanks everyone, I will be making a note of all sites, information, and I hope others will be aswell.

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