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Winter vs Summer Migraines

Am so glad we're now moving into Spring/Summer. I find that I have fewer migraines in the warmer months, unless I'm out in direct hot sun which can trigger one.

Anyone else find the same and does anyone know the reason for this?

One theory Is that I feel the cold badly & being cold is stressful for me. So was wondering if it's the stress of temperature fluctuations causing the migraines, ie going from a warm house into cold atmosphere? Who knows?

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Oh yes, I identify with this!

This autumn and winter I noticed a huge increase in migraines as soon as the clocks changed. Electric lights in shops and the office at work, and even my kitchen, all seemed a lot brighter, and driving home from work in the dark behind brake lights felt unpleasant. I've been convinced that it's the lights that have acted as a trigger. Not to mention the fact that I've been down during the winter and I think the lack of sunlight messes with my brain.

Hot weather can trigger them for me too but I don't know if it's the brightness or my body getting too hot (I can't function in the heat or the cold).

You could well be right about the change in temperature acting as a trigger for you - our brains react to the slightest changes in a way that non-sufferers just don't get.

Let's hope the lighter evenings and warmer temperatures (when they eventually get here) bring us some peace and quiet.


I'm sixty-six and have suffered migraines all my life. I find the Summer months generally much easier and put this down to generally higher atmospheric pressure: I find a long sunny spell in winter also beneficial. It's probably worth keeping a migraine diary to see how strong the correlation between weather and one's headaches is though what one then does about it remains problematic.


Yes quite sure fluctuations bring an increase in these events. One way to deal with them is to relate to them differently which is what I'm trying to do, I ve starting reading a book by ruby wax about mindfulness that teaches you about how the mind reacts and deals with things. Starting to help already.


Thanx for replies. I think a lot of my migraines are weather & stress related.


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