is there a surgical procedure to get rid of migraines? registered disabled at work but due to sick leave days no dept will consider me?

I registered disabled so they are allowing me to come in when I'm ready as I work shifts, but i keep hitting the sickness policy trigger which means I end up before the SMT who know I'm not taking the mick, but I can tell they're getting fed up, but not as fed up as me. I get them on my days off as well and leave me feeling awful for 24 hours after they've disappeared. Definitely worse over teh last 10 years, no medications work, terribly sick with them, speech affected, mobility affected, light/sound sensitivity, completely debilitated when I have them. At the end of my tether. I cannot predict them.

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  • Hi debs, I have had migraine surgery 2 1/2 years ago. I used to get my pain around my eye and had the muscles removed across my eyebrows. ( you are tested before by freezing the muscle with Botox and if it reduces migraine/severity you are eligible for surgery) after the op I was getting migraine symptoms but no pain then about six months later the pain returned at the back of my head and neck. I was told by the surgeon this happens in 1 out f 100 patients , so I,ll let you be the judge whether it's worth taking the risk! ( unfortunately I was not armed with this info prior to op and was desperate to stop them!) if you are interested google the Botox is performed in Harley Street by Dr Thomas Muehlburger who also does subsequent surgery. If you have any more questions I,d be happy to answer.

  • I went through the first stage of this procedure - i.e. the Botox injections for, if I remember correctly, £350. They had no effect so Dr Muehlburger told me that he couldn't help me any more.

  • have you been to the National Migraine Centre, they will work with you to find out what will be effective treatment! there is one out there for you, dont despair!

    surgery isnt the answer to everything!!

  • I'm afraid that, 14 months after visiting the National Migraine Centre, my migraines are as bad as ever.

  • Hi John, Have you tried weleda bidor , it's homeopathic remedy which you take daily 1% and if migraine starts 5% I started using this a week ago and have a migraine today but am not incapacitated by it. As always it's hard to tell if it's working or placebo at the moment. I have been using magnesium spray and riboflavin 400mg for 2 months but apparently this takes 3 months to work. I have, like you tried different treatments but nothing works or works for long. I am having a consultation for neuroptimal feedback which is a specific type of neurofeedback for migraines or anxiety. I will post on here if it's successful. It's highly reccomended in the migraine revolution book.

  • Thanks for your tip, Juliapester3. I've tried homeopathic treatment for another condition in the past and it didn't work for me probably because I don't have any confidence in the principles of homeopathy. I doubt therefore that weleda bidor would work for me either. Having said that, perhaps I need to try it. I'm desperate for anything that might work.

    I tried the Migraine Relief Formula which includes magnesium and riboflavin for three and a half months but it had absolutely not effect.

  • I got mine from amazon, it's worth a try the two bottles came to about £15. They are not painkillers so there's no risk of MOH I guess.... I,ve probably asked you this before but have you had food intolerance done and had hormones tested? ( yes apparently men can have hormonal headaches!) i,ve had allergy test done and waiting for results and will go down the hormone route next.... I think I,m going to try and eliminate each possible trigger one by one..... Good luck , you never know it may be the one that works!

  • I'm afraid I can't afford all the procedures that are not normally offered by by local NHS trust.

  • Have you spoken to your GP about the possible tests? They may refer you as it seems you have tried pretty much everything else! It depends what your Dr is like ....

  • I had suffered from migraine since I was a child. I tried every remedy there was, nothing helped. Some years ago there was an advert in the newspapers from migraine action wanting volunteers. There was some reference to a PFO. They sent me a pack, unfortunately I was just over the age limit. I hade two/three attacks a week. Aura, sickness etc. I had open heart surgery to repair a hole in the heart, which I was born, I did not know that until 2003. I have not had an attack since. Perhaps your GP may know about this and refer you to a cardiologist. I hope you will find some answers soon.

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