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Is it the Stroke I Had?

hi, i'm a 16 year old girl; healthy. in the previous half of this year, i suffered really strange things within me--twice. they didn't last for long, but yes, were quite troublesome.

both happened when i was at school. the first time, i had a severe headache, feeling of vomiting--just the feeling--, lots of sweating, and i couldn't properly see, too. with an immense difficulty, i reached the infirmary room; feeling like to fell down of giddiness all the way long. i can say this wasn't due to weakness 'cause i had a nice breakfast.

the second time, much of these feelings happened again, plus a strong cramp in my right hand and i couldn't write. these made me really inattentive; were irritating; and i couldn't express myself at all-- i'd just want to lie somewhere alone.

everyone says it'd be weakness and it's difficult to make 'em understand, 'cause i'm a well-doing person and these things happened for a sudden! after a study on internet, i found that these symptoms are of 'stroke/mini stroke' that can happen to really healthiest ones too. but i want to know if i'm really suffering it or any other similar disease. i'll be grateful if someone helps me out. thank you xx

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Sorry to hear that you've had such a frightening experience.

There are some types of migraine where the symptoms such as weakness in one arm and problems with vision are similar to a that of a stroke or mini-stroke. However, no one can definitely say that you've had a stroke unless you've had the proper investigations to rule them out. The internet can be a great help and source of information but it can also be confusing and make you feel worse!

It would be a good idea to see your doctor if you haven't already done so. If you have, you are quite within your rights to go back and ask more questions and to say that you're really worried. Don't be surprised if they don't rush you off to hospital for tests - they will only do this if they think there is a good reason. But they should be able to offer you some advice and possibly some medication to help manage the symptoms of migraine.

Good luck.


thanks teadrinker! i should really try to visit a doctor. it can be helpful--it can help me clear away my confusions better :) ty xx


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