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Try CPAP therapy

I posted a couple of months ago that I had Botox therapy and sadly this didn't do much for me. So I dug in deep and went for a sleep apnea test. I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, issued a CPAP machine and chose the Wisp mask, which is not a full facial mask. Right out of the shute I noticed something different. After a couple of nights adjusting to sleeping with the machine , I started sleeping all night, and not going to the bathroom two or three times. No headache waking me up at 2:30AM. I have completely stopped using propranolol which is a blessing. If you even think that snoring or sleep interruption might be your problem, you owe it to yourself to get

checked out. I thank God that I did!

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Hi Flybye,Thanks for the info. Glad you got it sorted.


CPAP only helps sleep interruption. I have the worst sleep apnea ever seen. Averaging 24 minutes sleep a night. I agree the CPAP is a great help for those who don't sleep well. I suffer with daily Chronic Sever Migrane. CPAP has obviously helped a bit, being over weight don't help me. Paroxatine (40mg) helps ease the pain by about 60%.


I suffered with many years of headaches also. Up to as many as 15 nightly headaches a month. With CPAP, I have

practically eliminated these headaches. This may not work for everyone, but I have tried literally everything, including many medications over the years. In my case , this has been the first thing that has worked.


Glad you found relief, I've been encouraged to have a sleep study but was concerned with spending the night there and being all wired up. Your post is encouraging me to do so. Thanks so much, I wish you continued success and pain free nights!


I was able to do the sleep test at home. I just picked up the testing unit, went thru a short class and did the test in the comfort of my own bed. Best of luck?


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