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Migraine - Anybody tried Zomig nasal spray?

I know we're all different but has anybody tried Zomig nasal spray - how did you get on with it? I don't tolerate any meds well - let alone the migraine meds - triptans don't agree (Imigran) knocks me out - however, thought I'd give one last try with Zomig.

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Hi there!

I've just been prescribed Zomig Nasal spray too recently after finally being referred to Migraine Specialist by GP (took 15 months for them to refer me on!). I find that they seem to work for me but still feel knocked out for a few hours before the head pain eases off....still get the other issues of feeling tired, fuzzy headed dizzy and sickly though but much better than sumatriptan tablets as they made me feel worse and kept getting migraine back for a few days after taking them.


Hi Murphy

I haven't tried the Zomig yet.

I was expecting it to be in a small spray bottle - not individually packed - must admit they look a bit scary, haven't used anything like this before and I won't know until I've tried how I'll react. Assume they have to be individually packed to avoid over-use. It's such a pain being med sensitive.

All migraine specific meds knock me out - can't continue working after I've taken anything - and normal OTC painkillers don't even touch the sides.

Guess it's all trial and error. The choice of migraine meds is bewildering, at least you're seeing a specialist to help you through. I'm due to see a Hospital Neurologist next week, my second appointment - waiting to have a CT scan done.

Do you get the vile neck knots with your migraines? And do your migraines leaving you feeling strange / off balance for days after?


I think zomig is actually part of the triptan family - certainly doesn't interact well with other triptans and shouldn't be taken with them - though nobody told me at the time so suffered a bit as a result. Had to retire to bed very dizzy but I'm sure that was because it was interacting with the small amount of rizatriptan that I'd probably taken earlier.

I found it really useful though - would clear migraines that other things weren't touching - get left side and right side ... and if it's left side then I can forget about most of the other medications because they aren't going to touch it. Haven't taken it for a while because I had one script from a specialist and then went through a spell when the migraines got a lot better so didn't need it ... for me running 1/2 mile a day+ seems to be the best thing for controlling the migraines.

I think the important thing with it when you take it is not to be scared of it - it's quite straight forward but there can be a really bitter taste afterwards for a short time - gets to the back of the throat.

It's certainly a lot better than spending a day or two rushing to the loo to throwing up and .... headache is bad but it's the violent muscle contractions in the gut that are the worst for me.


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