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Do you suffer from one type of migraine or many types?

I'm reading through this site and am being educated on the terms for the diff types people get.

I'm going to talk to my doc about this as I thought migraines were just migraines - sometimes less and more severe. But clearly you fit one specific group or fit many?

Kindly explain ur type and if u have more than one type also?

I get aura, with no pain but its a sign of one to come in the next day.

I get stroke like symptoms and vomit severly

I can have a less severe migrane where my body doesn't shut down but I am disorientated, clumsy, and have difficultly processing information.

They hit my eye, neck. Ear, tooth, nose, eyebrow area and sometimes all at once.

Super senses - I can smell everything-, hear everything louder and lights seem brighter especially when driving

Hot and cold sweats


Low blood pressure is my latest one where I have to be monitored

Severe dehydration

Unable to be in the light

Weather changes give me migraines

And I can have these all at once and that's when I'm hospitalised

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I get them with an aura, sometimes all I see are flashing lights and then nothing else happens (have had eyes checked over and they are fine so they think it's migraine).

I get migraine without headache - all the fun of the aura but no headache, just feeling sick, dizzy, slow, and weird.

Sometimes wake up feeling weird and have some of the symptoms that day but suspect I've had the worst bits whilst asleep.

A major one involves feeling inexplicably depressed, flat or tearful, things looking a bit grey, colours being too bright (3D films bring them on or make them worse), sounds being too loud, stripes on clothing or objects (eg vertical blinds) making me feel sick, smelling things that aren't there (usually quite vile smells, sometimes only one smell for a while, other times smelling several things in succession over a number of minutes), tinnitus (ringing in the ears), being dizzy, the floor feeling like jelly, nausea, terrible concentration, feeling faint, low blood sugar, going off food but also wanting to eat things I don't normally like, word-finding problems or getting my words muddled up (I once told a pharmacist I needed something for the "microwave" I was having), making masses of errors when trying to type, severe pain around left side of face especially the eye which gets worse on lying down, a feeling of electricity passing through certain teeth for hours, pain in my left arm and occasionally tingling, left eye goes blood shot and feels very sore or sometimes waters or twitches.

The last two weeks I've had two migraines preceded by extreme tiredness like waking up from an anaesthetic. This is a new symptom, so hurrah to that.

The day after I am usually tired out.

If I carry on regardless - which I often don't have much choice other than to just get on with it - I might get a day of feeling a bit tired but then it all comes back again. I have had entire weeks like this until it just burns itself out.

I wasn't diagnosed until 4 years ago, but looking back I've had many of these symptoms without the headaches since childhood / being a teenager. It is just a part of me now. The really bad attacks are horrible and although I would rather not have the minor attacks at all I would rather put up with those than have the bad ones every time. Botox is helping manage the headaches. I can't seem to find anything to prevent the other rubbish stuff.

Sorry to go on, this is your question, not my whinge. Have had 5 days off (holiday / weekend, rather than sick leave) and felt unwell on 4 of them, with a migraine on 3 of those days. Spent quite a lot of time sleeping. From past experience I will probably be right as ninepence tomorrow - which is a work day. Typical.


Nope I know exactly how you feel. It must be odd having the symptoms without the pain also- I'm always with the pain, just different symptoms that go along with it.

I think id much rather have it without the pain but then again the symptoms will still ruin your life just as you have explained.

I'm starting to wonder if Migraine is actually an everyday thing- not just episodes like we seem to experience...

And I also believe that migraine suffers are hypersensitive - - a glass of squash that contains E numbers also will give me one the next day. I think we reject everything out bodies do not naturally want like all our process foods with additives and preservatives. I know these are all triggers but there's not exactly anything I can do about that unless I'm a billionaire who can manage her own organic farm


The annoying thing is that I can eat & drink thing that are supposed to trigger migraine (cheese, chocolate, red wine etc) and be absolutely fine.

It is a pain, but doesn't ruin my life.


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