Earthquakes and other weather sensitivities

There are many triggers for migraine, yet I appear to the victim of one of the most unusual ones, that doctors have a problem accepting.because they can't reproduce a result in a test tube.

Trying to get the average person to accept that I suffer extremely painful migraine attacks, just before major earthquakes isn't too difficult, especially when I am obviously in pain, and then a few hours later show them the quakes that follow.

Asking advice from any institution, consultant is met with silence, no suggestions or acceptance, in fact I have been told by a doctor it is merely coincidence. Well how many years can coincidences continue before it becomes obvious there is some kind of link?

All I know is that I suffer, and I hope one day, I will be listened to and believed by those who can help at least control what I have to go through.

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  • Don't know about earthquakes but my wife, who never suffers from headaches, gets a terrible thumping headache and feels as if her head is going to explode with pressure, just before a thunder storm.

  • I always know when the pressure is dropping as I can feel it in my head. I also start yawning and feel as if I need oxygen. If I am in the car I turn down the heating or put the air conditioning on which helps avert a migraine. This happens before it rains, and I always know when rain is on the way by my head.

  • Yawning!! Yes, this is something that is common between my sister and I before the onset of an attack.

    Variations in barometric pressure is a common trigger point too, but the electromagnetic effect brought about by the movement of the earth's crust is the main cause of what happens to me. I appear to feel it as that pressure in the crust builds up, before the ruprure that causes the earthquake.

  • man, you are not alone. the time i notice this, or even notice that i have a migraine problem started when i had the worst migraine ever, half a day before 21.5.2008. A major earthquake in sichuan, china, 8.3. After that i started  noticing this pattern of migraine attacks before earthquakes, and weather changes. Sometimes, i even have problem believing it because the earthquake took place after my migraine attack was way too far.  

  • I get a migraine within 24 hours before an earthquake regardless of where they are on the planet and not just any old migraine but the oh my god I'm gonna die migraine. Most people I tell think I'm crazy at first till the earthquake happens then I dont seem so crazy. The most recent was just this past week and I knew it would be bad because the migraine lasted 2 days and there were 2 quakes in 2 completely different places. Is there anything I can do to minimize the pain.

  • I live in state with constant seismic activity. It's usually relatively small, but my head is a great seismograph! The way you mentioned the pressure in the crust building up,  that's exactly how it feels in my head. And  when there's a big one anywhere, oh my gosh... sometimes it takes several days to recover,  probably because of the aftershocks... I'm still hurting from the big quake Sunday! My doctor has me on medication to prevent them, but it only makes it so I can function. (He thinks I'm nuts!) And there's not enough ibuprofen in the world to knock one out once it starts...

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