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VNG Test

I had to get a VNG test today to determine the cause of my rocking sensation. I received an MRI that came back normal so they are suspecting some sort of inner ear issue. The final part of the test was a caloric test of my ears using warm and cool air blown into them. That was so brutal. I was spinning, sweating, weak and nauseous. It’s been about an hour and a half and I still feel awful. The nausea is strong and I feel off balance. Way worse than I ever felt before that test. Has anyone had this done and if so how long did these lasting symptoms persist for? I really want some relief if possible.

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Hi Kat

I had an Mir scan last December that came back clear I have had issues with my ears continually blocked and legs stiff and heavy I think it could be to do with eustacian tubes in the ears after stumbling across a interesting article on line hope you get better soon