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HI everyone, I wondered if anyone else has a "like hit on back of the head with a brick" type pain. I think today's pain is from the cold wind yesterday, any thoughts would be great. Even after forty years I still seem to spend hours trying to work out why today's pain and what to do. Using heat wheat bag and pain killers, really trying not to take another triptain. The older I get the worse the migraines seem to be, now 71. Started amitriptlyine and tenormin, again! ((Hugs to you all). I also have Polymyalgia, just incase someone in same position. Wishing you all a mig free day.

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I'm glad you've mentioned this. As I do find when there is a strong, cold water wind, I get a trigger pain in my teeth - upper jaw right hand side usually, that radiates to my TMJ. It can be a throbbing, pulsating pain that will then travel up to behind my right eye and then can go across my forehead. Sometimes the only thing to relive the pain was counter pressure. It can develop into a migraine but I am taking topiramate now and it is really helping to reduce my migraine frequency and severity.

I've had this symptom for a long time.

Best wishes πŸ’—


Ditto!! Clazzy78. This is me too but botox into TMJ no topimax or anything else. Triptan on a level 7 or above but ice is my vice.

Be well πŸ‘

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Thank you so much x

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😘😘 be well x


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