Don't know what to do?

Hey there I've been feeling light headed and my head feels heavy, I went to the gp he goes it might be a migrane so take ibuprofen, I have been taking that for two days i still have a headache. I am 18 years old and I am really stressed I have done symptom checks and I have got myself really stressed about it. I have not vomited but I feel sick and I feel cold at times, I have asked my friends and they say you might be getting ill but i don't know. It's been happing for couple days now and it just happened all of a sudden It's got me frightened and can anyone tell me if it's something to be worried about or not.

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  • Hey junior123, You should go back to the docs and get checked out again.

    This is the time of yr for flu and other nasties but if your worried go get checked.

    Be well 💖

  • Aww, thank you very much, tbh I don't know what it is and I've got my self really worried about it. Everyone is telling me it's just a flu or migrane but I have started overthinking to much and looking at other stuff such as brain tumor, hopefully it's just a flu or headache that's gets better in a few days if not I will be visiting the gp again or A&E

  • Hi junior123,

    I realise you posted yesterday and I agree with Cally01,do go tp GP again if you are stil not right and pain killers aren't helping. Do you have a rash, temperature? Have you just started at Uni? Hope you are better today.

  • yes I will be taking another trip to the gp if I don't feel well in a few days time. I don't have a rash nor a temperature and yes I have started uni. I am still feeling the same or I think a tiny bit better.

  • Glad your feeling a little better, drink plenty of fluids, eat what you fancy and look after yourself.

  • Aw thank you, do you think it's just a normal head ache and feel light headed because I've got myself really stressed by doing online symptoms.

  • Don't do online checking, it is enough to frighten anyone. You have possibly got run down, being a student for the 1st time. Ensure you eat regularly, keep well hydrated and stay off the alcohol, and see your GP if it doesn't settle.

  • Aww thank you and if it doesn't settle I will be visiting gp, I've still got it but hopefully it's nothing bad and just the weather. Thank you. The online symptoms got me really paranoid tbh.

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