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Mike and Migraine problems.


My first Aura was when I was in junior school about 50 years ago, and it was impossible to explain to my parents how bad and how sick the headache and light sensitivity made me feel.

I have tried cutting out coffee, chocolate cheese and almost everything else to control them with no luck.

I have tried almost every medication currently available but realize, nothing is going to stop them, they will just lessen the head banging pain .

I know so many people suffer migraines and would like to know what is the cause and what have medics done to help us.

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Please read my book 'Food Intolerance Solutions' . It was written for people like you, who want answers to their sometimes lifelong symptoms. Based on stats collected since 2003, and experience gleaned over the last 22 years, it has a dedicated chapter on headache and migraine. Good luck!


Hey Mike, yeah I'm the same. Specialists just throw tablets at you i have no faith in them anymore.

No one has ever told me why i get them or found any way of eradicating them.

I too have tried cutting out specific food groups and had no change.

Will keep fighting it though 😆


Mike if you can afford it join the world summit migraine support group. It has helped me enormously. Costs £112 and you get to hear talks and seminars from 32 of the worlds leading migraine specialists. You can ask any question. Apparently to get a consultation with just one of these doctors costs in the region of 500 dollars. I know it's more money and I was reluctant at first to pay it but I have found it extremely helpful and I'm able to talk with other people from all over the world who suffer the same as me..cluster headaches and migraines with aura.. I take coEQ10, magnesium, Vit B2, Vit B12, VitK2, Vit D3, ..my migraines are much less frequent and less severe.. I'm not taking any mess either which I'm thrilled about. Good luck

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That's meds...not mess.


LOL, it was meant, not accidental

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The migraine chapter in Medical Medium is very interesting and sets out all the possible causes, including EBV and shingles, and triggers, and how to cure them.


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