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4 year old headache!


My name is Jane and 4 years ago I suddenly felt unwell, I was eventually admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a virus. This left me with a permanent headache which I was told would go away.

It didn't.

I have got far worse since then and cannot work or drive, do not go out alone suffer with insomnia and depression.

I have tried over 15 different treatments in an attempt to reduce the pain but nothing has worked.

My diagnosis is new daily persistent headache, I don't think this accurately reflects the misery of pain 24/7 that does not let up......

In spite of this I remain positive that something will eventually work

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Jane it sounds as though you have been having a really bad time. I am a specialist nurse working in the field of food intolerance. I get 95% improvement with headache and migraine by testing people to see which foods they are intolerant of, and advising them to use different household cleaning products, and take some vitamin supplements. I have distilled all my experience (21 years) into a book , which has been written solely for people like you, as a self help guide. The book is called Food Intolerance Solutions and is available from Amazon or from my website. Why not try my suggestions? Www.foodintolerancesolutions.com.

All the best

Mary Roe

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Hi, thanks for the info. I have had some food testing done and I have tried cutting out caffeine, dairy, carbs, nightshades. All without success.

I will have a look at your book though.


All the best!


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